Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | March 29, 2011

So What Have You Done Lately?

Conviction should lead you somewhere.  If not, was it really conviction?

After receiving revelation and correction at our writer’s group it was time to talk to Bob.  Bob gets the award for being the most understanding and supportive husband in the world.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him “Mr. Wonderful.”  I recounted the details of our meeting and told him all the things swirling around in my mind.  To the best of my recollection I didn’t leave anything out and only repeated myself an acceptable amount of times to try to give him hope that maybe I’ll write on a regular basis.

I looked across the table at him and saw that look on his face – that look that plainly says, “Oh please God, let this be the time.”  You see, Bob has done everything short of stand on his head to get me to write more.  He has offered me bribes.  He has sent me away on writing retreats.  He has bought me my own laptop and put up with countless IT sessions due to my extreme computer ignorance.  He has paid for me to join a professional group (who knew that for a mere $85 I could be a professional writer?).  In his biggest moment of desperation he even promised (I have witnesses) to allow me to buy a new living room set if I just submit two things for publication – they don’t even have to be accepted.  Yet, here I sit on my uncomfortable couch.

At this point, I need to interrupt myself because I think honesty in writing is important, so I must confess that I rarely sit on my couch.  Oh, I have.  I remember that day back in August of 2009 when I did, but I digress.  The question is – what have I done lately?  After my discussion with Bob (the aforementioned Mr. Wonderful) we both agreed (again) that I need to treat this like a job.  Here is the plan we/he came up with – I’ll just keep a time card like I have a real job.  The discussion went something like this:

Mr. Wonderful – “How about you keep a time card for some accountability?”

Me – “Great idea” (a little twitch beginning in my left eye).

Mr. Wonderful – “I think you could start with 20 hours a week.  How does that sound?”

Me – “Twenty hours – hummmm, maybe that’s a little much (a tear starting down my cheek).   That’s 4 days of 5 hours each, or 5 days of 4 hours each, or 2 days of 10 hours each.  I can’t work 10 hours in one day!  How about 12 hours a week?”

We settled on 16.  That’s four days of four hours and one day to make up for any missed hours.  Sounds doable; we’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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  1. Wow, Mom got a part time job! I hope that our constant babysitting doesn’t interrupt it! Plus, we’re still waiting for you to get a new couch so we can fight over who gets the old one! Now, your break is over, get back to work! 🙂

  2. you are very funny! and it’s nice to hear my brother is Mr Wonderful. How lucky you are to be able to say that. Keep on Plugging. I”m certainly enjoying it. Love You

  3. Yea Bonnie, Glad God continued to pursue you in this. yea for Bob too , for giving you concrete direction. Love you!!!

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