Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | April 12, 2011

Relish, A Scoop and Bonus Time

We often say we are addicted to things when we really are not, for example, coffee and chocolate.  Okay, bad examples, but I am convinced that I am addicted to the bonus time offers from Clinique.  I walk by their counter whenever I am in a department store, just hoping for some free new thing to try (free with a minimum purchase, of course).  I’ve traced this weird obsessive behavior back to the early days of my marriage when we were pretty broke.  I was crazy for a bargain.  In those days, shopping in the front part of the store wasn’t an option.  I remember taking my kids shopping for clothes.  It went something like this.

“Mom, can we stop in here?  Look at that shirt.  I have to try that on.”

“Yes, that is a nice shirt; I think I’ll try it on, too.  Maybe we can wear look-alikes.”  Or, if it was one of my sons, “I think that would look good on your dad, don’t you?”  That always got them.  Then while they were trying to keep their lunch down I would usher them to the back of the store and we would go through the clearance racks, trying on enough stuff to wear them out before they noticed something else that was full price.

Weird shopping obsessions still show up now and then.  It’s disconcerting how much mental space they take.  I have a list of things that I searched for way beyond casual shopping.  There was a reasonably priced boogie board to take to the beach that I decided we needed on the way to the beach.  That one got ugly.  There was the perfect travel journal, the right sized clothes hamper that was functional and decorative, acrylic tumblers, turkey cheese hotdogs, a white tea-pot, and Heinz India Relish.  But my favorite one was a coffee scoop.

I found the cutest coffee scoops at a discount store one day.  They were decorated with beautiful Tuscan colors – the kind of artistry that you just have to hide in your coffee.  I snatched one up and enjoyed it every day at coffee time.   Soon I realized that I couldn’t be bothered to switch my lovely scoop from regular to decaf and headed back to the store to purchase another one.

That’s when the problem reared its ugly head again – they were sold out.  “How could this happen to me,” I anguished.  There are lots of these stores around, so all I needed to do was stop at another, and another, and another.  But scoops were nowhere to be found.  Finally, months later I found one.  It’s a good thing this happened before the gas prices soared or I would have ended up paying $37.95 for the stupid thing.  Also, please let me know if you find the India Relish.  Our case is long gone, so it’s back on my list.



  1. I’m so you… it’s scary sometimes. You should have seen me searching store after store all over 3 islands of Hawaii looking for the perfect Pineapple statue. It shouldn’t be this hard or this expensive… I never found it… now the search resumes in Florida!

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