Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | June 9, 2011

Grace and Ruby: Ruby’s Big Day!

I have a dear friend named Ruby. She is my oldest friend and is turning 90 today, so I am dedicating today’s post to her.  Ruby is a ray of sunshine and just plain crazy and fun.  She loves God and loves to bless her friends with cards and emails and always has a smile for everybody.  She has never been married and bills herself as “An Unclaimed Blessing.”  But, I claim her and so do hundreds of others.  Happy Birthday, Ruby!

Recently she was not feeling well and had to be off her feet. Some of us in the neighborhood took her and her sister, Grace, meals. I had my grandsons with me all day on the day that I was taking dinner over. I told them, let’s load up the car, we’re going to see Miss Grace and Miss Ruby because Miss Ruby is sick. They were all excited about the car ride (we went all the way to the next street), and particularly excited about seeing Miss Grace and Miss Ruby. When we arrived and they met Grace and Ruby, the disappointment and confusion showed on their little faces. They thought we were going to see Max and Ruby (from Nickelodeon TV fame). I guess meeting a sweet pair of golden ladies doesn’t quite compare with meeting a pair of cartoon rabbits when you’re three and four years old!


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