Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | June 13, 2011

National Bathroom Month and Shaq

Over the last week I have discovered two important news events in our local paper. Just in case you are one of the thousands who don’t subscribe, I’m here for you with these stories.

First, June is Bathroom Month!  This was announced as the headline of the Homes section of The Orlando Sentinel.  I’m not sure what the appropriate celebration for Bathroom Month is, but I think it involves getting us to spend money on renovating our bathrooms.  There are no parades scheduled and I do believe your mail service will not be interrupted to honor this event.  Personally, I may celebrate it by mopping my bathroom floors, which is something I don’t do too frequently since I was brilliant enough to put down dirt colored tile and grout.

Second, and more noteworthy, tying in with basketball season finally coming to an end (congrats to the Mavs!), Shaquille O’Neal has retired.  I’m not even sure if there is a Mrs. Shaq, but I can only imagine what it would be like to have him under foot all day long while she’s trying to get the laundry done or fix dinner or keep the place picked up.  One of his shoes alone would take up my entire foyer!  But of more concern is the information buried in the Sentinel’s article inside Shaq’s quote of support for Dwight Howard – “I’m going to be right there on the front row watching…”  Yes, Shaq is going to continue to make Orlando his home, and I’m glad.  I just feel badly for the poor guy who has purchased the seat behind Shaq.  If he’s sitting and you’re standing, you still couldn’t see over him!  And at forty to fifty thousand bucks for a season ticket, that’s a rough season.



  1. Wow! National Bathroom month – who knew? Thanks for making me laugh, and feel convicted to mop my bathroom floors at the same time.

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