Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | June 14, 2011

Keeping my Feet to the Fire so I don’t get Burned – My Three Month Update

When I started this blog in March, God was dealing with me about a lot of different issues regarding my writing.  First and foremost was that if He has called me to write, I should write.  Writing means sitting down and doing just that.  You may remember that my wonderful husband Bob helped to motivate me with his iron-fist approach of working 16 hours a week (after much negotiation).  It’s time to revisit that day.

Bob was not able to find a reasonably priced time clock to install in our house, so I have more or less been on the honor system.  My son, Scott, often works from home and will frequently ask me if I’m getting in my six hours a day.  How I love him, but he’s not a writer so he doesn’t exactly appreciate the many facets of the writing process.

You may also have wondered exactly what the writing process looks like.  So below I am providing a glimpse into this mysterious place:

  1. Put on the coffee pot and open my computer.  (This is my morning routine; if I’m writing after lunch I substitute Diet Coke for coffee and add peanut M&Ms.  If I’m writing after dinner I may substitute a glass of wine for the Diet Coke, but I’ll keep the M&Ms.)
  2. Check my email (since I’m opening my computer anyway).
  3. Check facebook (see above excuse reasoning).
  4. Put a load of laundry in.
  5. Drink coffee while staring at the computer screen.
  6. Find eye drops to help with eye strain.
  7. Go outside and pull weeds until I can focus again from the drops.
  8. Take a shower because it’s so hot out and who can work while they’re all sweaty.
  9. Move the clothes to the dryer.
  10. Sit down to write again, repeating steps 2 and 3.
  11. Call Bob and ask for prayer and additional accountability and possibly a housekeeper to come in once a week.

So there you go, not such a mystery after all.  Seriously though, I am enjoying blogging and am thankful for how God is using it to keep me in the writing mode.  Isn’t He just so good?  I’ll be working hard (honest) on my book this week – keeping my feet to the fire so I don’t get burned by the embers of procrastination.  Next week I’ll share with you how that’s going. Meanwhile, thanks to you who are taking the time to read this and for the encouragement that you give me.



  1. I too have begin to write and you are on target with the routine. Mine is the same. 😉

    • It’s nice to hear from you, Vanessa. Writing is certainly an exciting venture. I’d love to hear more about what you’re up to sometime.

  2. This housekeeper can come once a week but she brings 3 distractions, needs to be picked up and dropped off again and comes with a hefty price tag! Just think about it…

  3. You forgot:
    x) Organize your desktop.
    x) Organize your PC desktop.
    x) Go make sure the dog has water.
    x) Measure just the right amount of MiO into your water.
    x) See if the garbage needs to go out.
    x) If it does, go find the teenage son to take it out.
    x) Read everything you’ve somehow managed to write before.
    x) Break for lunch.


    • Oh great, Rob, now you’ve given me more to add to my routine (minus the dog stuff)! It’s amazing we get anything written at all.

  4. You always make me laugh, Bonnie! Just keep writing…………:-)

    • Thanks, Mel. You know, life really is funny.

  5. Writer’s write? yeah, right! 😉

    I love your honesty, your humor and your growth in this area. Keep up the good work, Bonnie. You’re a natural!!!

    • Thanks, Debi. I’m working on my book today after wasting yesterday afternoon.

  6. Whoa, I just discovered you have “categories” – now that’s high end blogging. something more i’ll have to figure out. what is your book about and don’t tell Dale, because he’s all about you editing HIS book.

    • Categories are simple to set up. Look to the left on your dashboard area and you’ll see a place to add them. I started out with everything uncategorized and that’s fine until you get more posts. You want people who find your blog to be able to go where they might be interested. My book is about a boy growing up in the Depression, by the way. I have finished editing Dale’s book and now Bob has it to try to figure out the pictures and tighten up the format. When we get back from vacation we’ll be meeting with a guy down here who will print it for us.

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