Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | June 28, 2011

I’m Feeling a Little Random Today

I find it interesting just how different people are.  In particular, my husband and I.  We have been married for 36 years and it still fascinates me that he isn’t more like me!  There are two main examples of this in our lives.  The first is the way we like to listen to music.  When I get in Bob’s car, he has memory sticks full of music that he loves.  Each stick will have a main theme and various artists.  When I’m listening I feel like I am being jerked around, I get in the flow of The Eagles and then all of a sudden it’s Billy Joel or Josh Wilson.  Whoa!  In my car you can be assured of finding the same five CDs in my player.  I can enjoy listening to my little concerts and I always know who I am listening to.  It’s reassuring and peaceful.

When we go to a restaurant Bob likes to try new things, maybe get an appetizer just because it sounds interesting.  He doesn’t even get upset if what he orders doesn’t turn out to be that great.  I find something tried and true and enjoy it immensely over and over, only venturing to a new choice after tasting something Bob has ordered.  Interestingly, both Bob and I generally leave the restaurant satisfied.

This leads me to the question of how has Bob put up with same old me for all this time?  Bob is an even keel guy through life.  He doesn’t get rattled easily and though he does laugh at stuff, it’s very quiet.  I’m the one who is high and low and left and right and (unfortunately) I cackle when I laugh.  With this in mind, I don’t feel like my day is complete unless I can make Bob laugh or shake his head in disbelief at something I have said or done.  It’s my way of bringing variety into his day-to-day life.  For instance, last night Bob told me he has a dentist appointment this week to have an impression made of his tooth.  A few minutes later I stood real still and straight with no expression on my face and had him guess what I was.  He couldn’t – can you?  I was doing an impression of his tooth.  That one, as you may have guessed, got the head shake.

Earlier in the day I got his vitamins out for him.  Being over 50, he takes a Mature Multi Vitamin.  I couldn’t help but wonder out loud if they make Immature Multi Vitamins and if so if anyone would buy them.

I’m not always purposely trying to make Bob laugh, but I seem to amuse him enough that he’s taken to saying, “Blog about it.”  For instance,  I wear an orthodontic retainer.  It is clear and easy to misplace.  It has had its own adventures, for instance once my daughter Dena knocked it into the toilet.  She had reached for something on a shelf in the bathroom and everything shifted.  My retainer was the only casualty, and she bravely rescued it and laughed like crazy when she confessed to the mishap.  That, as you can imagine, prompted a special cleaning.  (It was either that or pony up $350 for a new one.)  I regularly clean it a couple of times a week by letting it soak in Efferdent.  Today I soaked it except that I didn’t.  I went to get it out of the glass and it wasn’t there.  I had to look really hard to find it because, like I said, it’s clear.  There it was safe and sound in its glow-in-the-dark case.  I had prepared the solution but never dropped the retainer into it.

Last week I pulled out a gift card and told Bob that we needed to be sure and use it by Feb 11.  He said, “Feb 11, that’s no problem.”  I looked at it again and said, “Oh, it doesn’t say that.  We have to use it by July 15.”  I have tried and tried to figure out how I got Feb 11 out of July 15.  I come up with nothing.  I started laughing and laughing until there were tears running down my cheeks.

I asked Bob if this type of behavior concerns him – he admitted that it does.

Then I asked Bob if this type of behavior concerns him – he admitted that it does.

Isn’t God just so good to put different types of people together?  On this question Bob and I are in agreement.


  1. Mom, it scares me sometimes how much alike we are- I’m the same way with Derek in always trying to find a way to keep him on his toes by surprising him with something I say or do… gotta love that head shake! 🙂

    • Yes, it is scary! But in a totally good way.

  2. Mom, this was soooo funny. Joe and I laughed out loud at your “impression” of a tooth. It’s interesting that Joe and I are the opposite of you two but also the same…I am the loud adventurous one and Joe is the quiet, calm, routine guy. But it works! :0)

    • Thanks and hooray that we are not all the same – wouldn’t that be boring?

  3. My husband and I are alike in many ways, but also completely opposite in others – but I think it makes us a better team. Our differences complement each other.

    • I completely agree, Rachel. I sure didn’t need to marry someone too much like me!

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