Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 1, 2011

A Proper Tea Room?

My Amazing Parents

Dad, Mom and I went to a wonderful English tea room in Mount Dora for lunch to celebrate Dad’s 88th birthday. We enjoyed our meal and time together so much, especially since we didn’t get to celebrate Father’s Day together or their 63rd wedding anniversary due to sickness (ours, not theirs). What a privilege for me to have them live so close by.

As we were leaving, we stopped to admire the lovely display of cakes and goodies that was set out for a group of people sitting by the door. They were obviously enjoying their time together, and as we left we commented about their food and inquired if someone was having a birthday. No one was – they were just out enjoying a multi-generational lunch. The group consisted of a mom and dad with their two daughters and her grandmother, who is going to be 91 years old. (As a sidebar, I find it interesting how kids are never a certain age but are always going to be the next year up – that starts up again somewhere in your eighties.)

But today, on his 88th birthday, I witnessed something that no daughter should ever see. As we were leaving, the grandmother pointed to my mom and me and said, “See if you can get those two to leave and then you (pointing to my dad) can stay.” Dad, as always, was a gentleman.

“Okay, Dad,” I said as we walked to the car, “just when was the last time you got picked up in a restaurant?” He laughed enough to dismiss my question, but I did make sure she didn’t hand off a phone number to him while I wasn’t looking. You always have to be on guard, even in a proper English tea room.


  1. That’s so funny Bonnie!

    • Thanks, Katie. It’s always interesting when I’m out with my dad. He is a strong witness for the Lord, the most bold person I know.

  2. Too funny! My parents-in-love are of British descent and love their tea-time. I can imagine my father-in-law being ‘admired’ also!

    My husband and I have made it a practice to always ask couples married over 50 years for their words-of-wisdom! Any unique advice your parents have imparted to you about having a successfull and long marriage?

    • Thanks, Lori. My parents would say to put God first and take care of each other second. I have watched them grow in love and care for each other and it’s pretty amazing. They both speak so highly of the other one. It’s quite an example.

  3. LOL!! That is a real hoot! Which goes to show, when you walk with the Lord – no matter how the years have affected the body – there is such ATTRACTION in our countenance that others can’t help but be drawn to Christ in us!!

    I’m really enjoying your blog, sister!

    • Thanks, Kate, and right back at you. Your post today made me (almost) want to have the kids be little and get them ready for Sunday!

  4. I also recall a trip to the mall several years ago with you & Mom, and Mom was “hit on” by some man. It still doesn’t happen to me, no matter how much older I get. Oh, well! I always love our time together & miss it when I don’t get it.

    • I guess we still need to strive to be like them – not to get hit on – but to reflect God so well that people are attracted. The godly wisdom of years is attractive to man, even if he doesn’t recognize what is attracting him.

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