Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 2, 2011

Sugar Bear

Michael is not deranged.  I want to assure you of this, because I know by the time you finish reading here, the question will probably come up.

Most little girls have a favorite stuffed animal or doll that is almost like a best friend to them.  For the sake of this essay, we’ll call our favorite a bear.  This cherished member of the family goes everywhere and by the time your little girl is not so little any more, the bear is worn and torn and relegated to a shelf where it can look down at its owner.  These are the things that can never be thrown away.  They are reflections of childhood – trials, comforts and joys.

Sugar Bear was more loved than any bear could have hoped to be.  A trip was never made, a bedtime not entered into, unless Sugar Bear was there beside “his” little girl.  But Sugar Bear had an evil enemy whom we’ll call Michael.  Michael thought of multiple ways to torture Sugar Bear until his little girl could finally find him and perform the rescue.

There was always an indicator – a sign if you will – that Sugar Bear was in trouble.   Michael would be heard all through the house laughing hysterically with his “evil” laugh until tears were streaming down his face.  “Uh oh,” we would say.  “Somebody find Sugar Bear.”  And the bear hunt would be on.

Sugar Bear has had a brick tied around his neck and been hurled to the bottom of the pool.  Sugar Bear has been frozen in water until only his poor little head was visible from a solid block of ice.  Sugar Bear even had a car back over his paw.  Poor Sugar Bear.  Poor Little Girl, or you would think.  Little Girl and Michael actually enjoyed this game, until Michael went too far and Sugar Bear lost a leg in the dreaded aforementioned car incident.  But Little Girl’s superhero mom was able to come to the rescue and re-attach the severed limb.  Hooray for Mom!  She was kept very busy.

The moral of this story is, even when you think somebody is deranged and they have an evil laugh, look beyond that to the heart – a heart of a dad being joined in fun with his daughter.  This story is my way of saying Happy Birthday to Michael.  I still think you’re crazy, by the way, but the good kind.

(Not the real Sugar Bear - the real one is in the Witness Protection Program)


  1. Loved this blog, thank you for a wee chuckle

  2. Good old Michael… always one for making my best friend freak out over what’s happening to her poor old sugar bear!

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