Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 6, 2011

More Life on the Wildside

Keeping up with my neighbors is challenging.  I’m not just talking about people either.  We’ve lived in our house for nearly 28 years and know most everybody around, but once in a while a new family sneaks in unnoticed.  Such is the case with the man across the street.  He’s a super nice guy and an animal lover.  I think all of his animals were rescued.  But this is a little much even for him.

He was sitting in his living room last week and a bat flew by him.  He was able to get it out the door only to have the scene repeated a few days later.  According to the “critter guy” it looks like a colony of Mexican Free-tailed Bats must have heard about his reputation and have claimed his attic.  Yes, we have an official bat house in our neighborhood.  He says it’s better than a bear, but I don’t know about that.  I miss our bear and I’m afraid she’s gone for good.  We haven’t had a sighting in weeks and if she was still lurking around on The Fourth, I’m guessing the fireworks sent her back to the Wekiva River for good.

I have learned a thing or two about our new neighbors.  For instance, they can fly 45 mph – impressive!  They are great insect eaters, but you couldn’t prove it by me and the amount of mosquitos we see around our house.  The picture on a Bacardi Rum bottle is a Mexican Free-tail bat.  And, just in case you’re wondering,  I won’t be taking my grandchildren for evening bat hunting expeditions.  It’s a little too creepy.



  1. What neighbor are you speaking of? I’ve always wanted a pet bat. We caught one once when I was just a child….it flew down our chimney! My dad said I could keep it but my “stuffy” mother said no. Guess we know who wore the pants in THAT family!

    • I’m not sure if you’re kidding or not, I’ll say you are even though I know better. I think this is an all or nothing situation. I don’t want to post the name.

  2. Bats — Bears—
    I have to out run lizards to get in my house. Green one in the day and clear ones at night. My family tells me they are more afraid of me. But the way they look at me you can’t tell.

    • Lizards are a problem here, and frogs, too. I agree with you Vanessa, I think they sense fear.

      • Define ‘problem.’

      • Only you, Joe! Of course I wasn’t thinking of you when I said lizards are a problem. They are only a problem if they make you jump or get loose in your house (it’s subjective, if I used the right word here). Problem means a situation to overcome in this case. Like for me, lizards have become a problem since I don’t have you here to get them out of my house anymore:(

  3. I never got to see the bear. And I don’t think Kathy is kidding…look at the wild life lurking in her home – and I’m talking about the boys! 🙂

    • Haha – I meant to say I’m NOT talking about the boys…or did I?

      • Either way, you’re right.

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