Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 7, 2011

The Mission is a Scrub

The mission is a scrub.  Not the final mission of the Space Shuttle, but my mission to go see it tomorrow.  Mine was originally a 5-man mission (my daughter Dena and I and her 3 children).  My copilot (Dena) encountered some scheduling problems and that took it down to 3 of us.  (I was not willing to take the junior member of the crew solo due to too much two-year-oldish behavior out of him lately.)

That left me and my 8 and 5-year-old granddaughters.  Dena was more than happy to have them go with me.  I sat down with Mission Control (Bob) last night and we went over the itinerary.  We did the equipment check – fuel, water, juice boxes, sunscreen, binoculars, chairs, cash, movies for the car, snacks, more snacks, umbrellas.  It was check, check and check.  All systems seemed go.

By our calculations, I would have to leave my house at 6:15 in the morning to drive the 1.5 hours to the Space Coast to hopefully secure a spot where we could watch the five-minute launch.  If by some miracle we did arrive at Space View Park by 8:00, we would only have to wait 3 hours and 26 minutes for the launch in 90+ degree heat.  This is, of course, weather permitting, and it doesn’t look like the weather will be permitting.  At this writing there is only a 30 percent chance of liftoff.

If everything were to go smoothly and the launch went on schedule (taking into account stopping for lunch and traffic jams of enormous proportion) we should arrive home somewhere in the neighborhood of 5:00.

It is very humbling to admit that I am not that brave.  I don’t even know if the crew of the shuttle would be brave enough for this undertaking.  It’s one thing to be hurled out into space, but it’s another thing entirely to spend a day with bored children in the heat of the summer.  So, the plan is to watch the shuttle on TV and then head outside where I can view it from my street as it hurls into space.  This is the way we have viewed the shuttle since its first launch in 1981.  Why break tradition now?



  1. I think you are a VERY wise woman! 🙂

    • In light of our current teaching and going through Proverbs myself lately, I see this as an answer to prayer. I love the peace of God in decisions big and small.

  2. I was reflecting on the shuttle launch last night. Fascinated by space, I’ve always wanted to go up there myself. It’s just that I’d prefer a more feminine approach to getting there.

    Clearly, men designed the launch method… such a hurry to get where they’re going. All that candlepower and g-force. On terrestrial trips, I’m all about getting there; no rest stops and you can just hold it until we get there if you didn’t go before!

    But space? I’d prefer a nice meandering trip to slow down and smell the clouds. What’s the rush? Space has been there a long time and isn’t going anywhere. Let’s remove the panic and take a first class ride with mimosa and pretzels on the way. You might get a lot more astronauts that way; maybe better ones without the need for drama. And think about the industry! Rest stops in the clouds, maybe a strip mall at the ionosphere, excursions to space walk and solar-sail.

    I’d make a trip like that.

  3. I’m with ya! As I’m sure you know, I’m a very tradition-type person. Even after watching lauches from my old office at the top of the SunTrust Building (the 30th floor, not the roof!), which was great, my favorite is still watching with you, Chris, & Mom last year from the beach. Love ya!

    • That was an amazing day. I have never seen it better.

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