Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 9, 2011

Stop and Smell the Roses

Today it’s time to stop and smell the roses.  Last weekend was so packed with fun that Bob and I barely had any time together just the two of us.  Packed with fun can translate into two days to unpack, or I should say repack my house.  With a Monday holiday, that meant that by Wednesday night things were back to normal (almost – I just walked by the porch and there are lots of stars and bike decorating remnants staring up at me).

Repacking means making up the kids’ and guest room again, replacing the one-ply toilet paper with our favorite two-ply (septic tank protection against grandkids), wiping down the bathrooms, scraping cupcake icing off the kitchen chairs, putting all our camping chairs away (whoops, still haven’t done that), emptying the trash, washing out trash cans, putting bikes away, storing the cooler, steam cleaning every hard floor in the house, taking the flag down, finding our couch pillows, putting table cloths back on tables, finding odd jacks to put with the rest of the game, putting away all the dice in their original games after collecting them all for a rousing game of Pirate Dice, and so on.  I count it a joy to be able to do these things.  We are so blessed to have our family close by.  It is exhausting, but the good kind. 

So today, after our chores are done, Bob and I are going on a date day.  I love date days, we never know where we’ll end up, but we’ll be together, just the two of us, and that’s the best.



  1. Bonnie, that so lovely. I definately need to have date days with my Husband. We joked on the day of our wedding that we had actually only been on 2 dates in the 12 months we had known eachother before we married. Being a Farmer, we had always been together on the farm, but not out on an actual date. Now being married a year we have been to the pictures once! I love our life but a few more dates wouldn’t go amis. xx

    • After raising four kids, we thought we wouldn’t need to go “out” quite as often for some us time, and that’s true. But going off together draws us away from all the things that pull us. Our date today was lunch at subway, an estate sale, an afternoon movie and then dinner and a walk in a quaint town close by. We were home by dark, but I imagine living on a farm you probably would be going out more in the evening, after dark and the farm quiets down. It’s so worth it. By the way, I’m enjoying getting to know you through your comments and your blog.

  2. I was stopping by to find out where you ended up on you Date Day. Sounds perfectly wonderful! Glad you had time together!

    • The roses on Park Ave are so pretty now – I guess it’s all the rain. But it’s the gardenias that make me want to stop. See you in a couple days.

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