Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 14, 2011

Two plus Two = Eleven

In addition to Blondie our recovered psycho-dog, we acquired a cat.  Her name was Charity, and ironically she was the most unfriendly cat I have ever met.  We considered changing her name to “Why Don’t You People Just Leave Me Alone,” but we couldn’t fit it on her ID tag.

One day our son, Jesse, came in the house with something hidden behind his back.  It was a kitten.  Someone had left a bag of them on a neighbor’s doorstep.  I’m a sucker for a kitten, so I said he could keep it if it was okay with his dad, and of course it was.

At this point in life, I was homeschooling our kids and thought how cool it would be to do a science project tracking the birth and
development of a litter of kittens.  Unfortunately the kitten Jesse brought home was a boy, so we sent him back for a girl.  He came home with, you guessed it, a boy and a girl.  So now we were up to four pets.  We named the newbies Corey and Mitzi.

We wanted Mitzi to wait to get pregnant and unsuccessfully tried to monitor her.  Before she was even a year old she gave birth.  We called the neighbors and had quite a crowd watching poor Mitzi laboring.  (In hindsight, we should have sold tickets for this monumental event with varying prices depending on how close you were to the birthing box.  There were about a dozen of us.)  Mitzi popped out the first kitten somewhere around ten at night and another one about 45 minutes later.  This went on and on until four in the morning when finally number seven was born completing her family.  I was the only one who stayed up all night.  It was brutal.  Mitzi and I were exhausted, but we bonded through this special time.

Do you know how hard it is to tell the gender of newborn kittens?  It’s very hard.  Who could imagine she would have seven boys.  We were able to keep the name Smokey, but Miss Piggy became Pig and Daisy became MacGyver (Mac for short).  All of a sudden we had 11 pets.  The kittens were everywhere and we were in love, but we couldn’t keep them all.  We did keep three of them, giving us six cats and a dog.

By now you may be getting some insight into why our No More Pet Pact is so important to us.  This was a wonderful time in our lives, but look how quickly things can change when you fall in love with a cute little puppy or kitten.



  1. I love the picture od the kids with the kittens, and the name changes. Here on the farm My mother in law has an alsation called Nikki but known as Melvin, My brother in law has an alsation called Kerry but known as Barney and a cat called Sooty but known as bobblehead. Alex has a collie called Phoebe but known as weeball and I have a cat called Ollie, known by many other names during the hours of 1am and 5am when he wants out!

    • Now you have me reading your comment to my husband and we’re both sitting here laughing out loud.

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