Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 19, 2011

At Least We Get to go to Costco – Part Two of The Joys of Television

We ate dinner quickly and headed for Costco, one of my favorite places in the world.  I am not exaggerating here.  This is a picture of my daughter Dena, my granddaughter, Ella, and me by a Costco in Hawaii.  Any excuse to go to Hawaii or Costco is okay by me.  I have visited three on Oahu, one on Maui and one on Kauai.  Every time we vacation, I find a reason to go.  I am planning on a Costco tour of America just as soon as I can talk Bob into it.  (Just thought you should know the depth of my obsession love for this place.  Thank you for indulging me.)

On the way to Costco we studied up on what kind of television we should be looking for.  This consisted of looking through their current coupon book.  We arrived at about 7:30 – that gave us an hour to buy or not to buy.  That really wasn’t the question though, we knew we were buying.

We ambled up and down the aisles looking at everything that was the size we wanted and excluding any brand names that were four letters long and started with the letter “S” and ended with “ony” (you may remember my lasting bitterness over the $250  lightbulb incident – See my post The Conversation Heard ‘Round the World from April archives).  We found two sets that really looked “Sharp.”  Except for me something was not quite right; I was having trouble telling much of a difference between them.  I struggled for about 15 minutes before I realized that I had my sunglasses on.  Sigh…

We settled on our purchase and headed home so we could watch TV again (finally, it had been hours).  Of course, we (meaning Bob) had a long night ahead setting things up.  There was the DVR to connect, the blue ray player, and the CD player.  Bob also trashed the VCR that had been hooked up for who knows how long.  Our VCR was made by “you know who,” so it had been mocking me over the years.  I was happy to say goodbye to it.

Finally, about 10:30, everything was set and ready to watch, so we went to bed.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the one person who we knew would be really happy about the fact that we got a new TV.  Any guesses?



  1. Mom, you make me laugh! And yes, I’ve got a pretty good guess! 🙂

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