Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 21, 2011

Boom Boom

Photo Credit:  NASA/Bill Ingalls

By now you know that I love the space program so when I tell you that I was awakened this morning at 5:54 (at least according to my sleepy eyes) to a familiar boom-boom and smiled you’ll understand.  Even in my sleepy state I really did smile…one last time.  Not my last smile, but the last that I will offer in the knowledge that the space shuttle is safely home.  I am always happy to know they made it.  It’s kind of like when your kids go on a trip and they call to tell you they’ve arrived home.  It’s reassuring.  The space shuttle lands as a glider and when it passes over us down here in Florida, we often hear it break the sound barrier with a resounding BOOM BOOM, which translates as “Hey guys, we’re home.”  How cool is that!

Here is something shocking, though.  As much as I love the space program, I do not like Tang.  Of course, it is not a requirement to like Tang, and if you are really up on your space facts, you will already know that Tang was not developed by NASA.  It was popularized by them though and now it makes me sad that there won’t be hoards of little kids running around and drinking Tang while expressing a desire to be an astronaut.

I do know that William A. Mitchell is very grateful to NASA and John Glenn.  It was on a Mercury flight that John Glenn launched Tang’s popularity and it kept gaining strength through the Gemini program.  So William A. Mitchell, the inventor of Tang, is probably NASA’s biggest fan.  Just for your information, he also invented Cool Whip and Pop Rocks.  I have a feeling Kraft Foods is also a big fan of NASA and the space program.  How often do you get that kind of advertising?  Why Tang?  The water on the Mercury program tasted so bad that they decided to send up powdery mix to flavor it.  The rest is history – just like the Space Shuttle.


  1. I was awakened by the “boom-boom” too. And I have no idea why I am still awake. No wonder I’m tired. Good night – great post! Keep writing, my friend!

    • Thanks, Debi. I’m having a late start today, but a writing we will go. Hope you get to write some, too.

  2. very sweet, Bonnie – I just installed a link to your blog from my new blog – Beta

    • Thanks, Beta. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog. I love the name.

  3. I had a feeling you would write about this. I smiled and had tears as I watched the shuttle return. Obviously I have been through basically the same things as a child as you, but I also was thinking about the astronauts that didn’t make it back. I was watching the Challenger launch live (from Orlando) and don’t think I’ll ever forget that. I was going to talk to you about it the other night, but both of us had other stuff going on. Anyway, I knew you would “get it” when I talked to you. Have I told you lately that I’m so glad I have you for a sister? And for a friend. I love you so much!

    • Thank you Linda. We are so blessed to be sisters and friends. One of the things I remember from the Challenger was how affected you were by it. You are so compassionate – truly a gift from God. Love you, too.

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