Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 26, 2011

Four Days to a Best Seller

I need to be a disciplined writer (two words that had not gone together for me before this blogging challenge).  If you’ve been following me here you may remember that I’m writing a book.  Or, if you’ve known me for the last several years it’s probably come up at some point.  The book is nearly ready for its first run of potential rejections and I am spending a lot of time on my blog, so I figure I better revise my game plan.  There are a few agents that will accept manuscripts from those of us who attended the conference that I went to last month, and the deadline for one of them is July 31 (coordinating so well with blogging every day!).

Yesterday I worked on my book, ran errands, had a doctor appointment, and worked on my Ultimate Blog Challenge.  My deadlines are actually shorter than the 31st because I am leaving on vacation on Friday morning, so that really gives me four days (including yesterday when I wrote this) to finish the challenge and submit the first 20 pages of my book along with a synopsis.

Excuse me a minute while I breathe into a paper bag……  Okay, I’m back.

My husband likes to remind me that my book of a lifetime should not take an entire lifetime to write and I wholeheartedly agree.  With that in mind, here is my four-day plan for having a best seller:

Day 1 – Sit down with a pot of coffee and read through my book again, making editing marks.

Day 2 – Work on my synopsis.  Realize how much I love my book and edit the few minor things that need tweaking.

Day 3 – Complete my synopsis.  Realize how much I hate my book because every minor edit reveals six major editing needs.

Day 4 – Talk myself out of needing an agent.  Start looking into publishing on demand.  Head to the local bookstore and buy somebody else’s best seller so I can have a good read while I’m on vacation.

It’s a plan.  I don’t know if Bob will go for it, but at least it’s a plan.



  1. You are a great writer. I am inspired by your blog. I am writing my first book and allowing the Holy Spirit to edit and be my agent.

    • Thanks, Vanessa. And thank you for the reminder that it’s really all in what the Lord is doing. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your writing is going. I’m glad to hear you’re keeping at it.

  2. Here – Here to Day 3 and 4! I can totally relate, although we both try to ignore this elephant when it’s in the room, don’t we? But there is hope we will get it finished, but just not this week!

    I love reading your blog, Bonnie! August will be sad – kind of like the end of a great summer vacation when everyone goes back to what they were doing before they starting blogging every day. Me? I’ll continue posting M – F. Saturday and Sunday are the two days I choose not to blog. It will be interesting to see who still will in August! At least I can meet you for coffee or lunch. ❤ you!

    • Thanks, Debi. You’re right, it will be sad. You know when you finish a book that you’ve loved and you get to the last page? You want to relish that page. I’ll be scheduling my last two posts ahead of time because of our vacation, so I kind of feel like I’ll be missing the last five minutes of a movie. I’m looking forward to a new blogging schedule, probably Tuesday and Friday, and to working on my crazy book, and to finally having lunch together. I think we can do lunch and coffee, we’ll have plenty to talk about. Got to go, my elephant needs some attention.

  3. Love reading your stuff! Your mind is an amazing…..I always feel better after having listened to you — even if it’s listening by reading 🙂

    • Thank you, my friend. You are so kind. No one has ever told me that my mind is amazing. I can’t wait to tell Bob! Hope you and Steve are well. Love you.

  4. Bonnie, I really enjoy your blog. It’s so “blog-ish”!! (Sounds like a synonym for the word “elephant”). Just want you to know we will all try and keep you busy with new material. (Shouldn’t be too difficult with YOUR amazing mind).
    Feel free to send your elephant by so I can tend to him and you can tend to lunch with your friend Debi! (Another great blogger). You truly have proved to be a gifted writer.


    • Thanks, Kathy. You are so kind, really. And you’re such an encourager. See, no jokes. Love you.

  5. Aw, you’re being so hard on yourself! Sending you a virtual hug. Have a great time on vacation!

    • Thanks for the hug. Those are always timely, even virtual ones. I really am not planning on going the POD route with my book at this point. This is just another new thing so it’s a little intimidating.

  6. Bonnie, what are you doing with a pot of coffee. I thought you’d have realised by now after reading my blogs that the only answer is chocolate! lol. I’d love to read a book written by you. If your blogs are anything to go by its going to be fab. Sending you a inspirational hug for all your writing, hope it all falls into place for you. I shall miss you when the UBC ends, but I know thats not the end xx

    • I have to drink coffee with splenda and non-fat half and half to minimize the calories. I usually keep some chocolate around, but I ate it. I think I’ve gained five pounds during this blogging challenge. Thanks for the hug and I’m glad we’re fb friends now so we can keep up with each other, only at a little slower pace! I’ll be keeping posted about the book progress, I’m sure. Thanks!

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