Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 29, 2011

Cleaning Day

Only a couple of days until we leave on vacation and I have lots left to do.  I thought I would recruit some cheap labor.  I stopped by my daughter’s house and picked up my two granddaughters, Mia and Ella who are 8 and almost 6 and the cutest little labor force you’ve ever seen.  We haven’t had  much time together lately, so bringing them home with me would give us that, and they are still young enough to be excited to come over, even if it’s to clean.  They do an amazing job for their age.  Between the two of them they changed and washed the sheets on my bed, cleaned the bathroom sinks, dusted the house, vacuumed, washed some windows, and did a load of towels.

We were cleaning and talking and Mia, who is eight, had a question.

Mia, “How many times do you think you’ve cleaned your house?”

Me, “Well, we’ve lived here for 28 years, so probably about 1,500.”

Mia, “We’ve cleaned our house like once.”

I’m not sure if her point here was why are we cleaning again if I’ve done it so many times or that her house needs cleaning, but I’m willing to bet its the former rather than the latter.

Later while I was fixing dinner I asked, “Okay, girls, how much do you think you earned for all you did today?”

Without hesitation Ella replied, “A million dollars.”

“A million dollars!” I commented.

“Okay, a hundred, million dollars,” she replied.

“Good for you, Ella,” I told her.  I noticed Mia had a puzzled look.  “If you’re going to shoot big and impossible, you might as well go really big and impossible.”



  1. Gorgeous granddaughters you have there Bonnie. I love their comments, out of the mouths of babes…Its true, you might as well go really big and impossible. If you aim for the stars but don’t quite make it, youve always got the moon to fall back on. xx

    • Thanks, Gina. They are pretty amazing and definitely my little buddies. Interestingly, Mia was born on my birthday and Ella was born on Bob’s birthday. Neither delivery was scheduled. I love your words about aiming for the stars.

  2. Once… oh my! I may need to give them more chores to do each day! In fact, every time I start cleaning they figure someone is coming over that night! …and our home does pretty much always need cleaning… for a few more years at least! Thanks for being a mom who showed me that it isn’t always important to have a perfectly clean home by stopping and playing with us and making our lives so wonderful and fun growing up!

    • I am so blessed. I love the way you mother your children (and other people’s children) and once in a while even me. Your girls did so well at my house because of what YOU have instill in them.

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