Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 30, 2011


I have a friend who posted on Facebook that her kids decapitated their Barbie dolls. Couldn’t happen to a nicer doll.  Barbie has been a trouble-maker since the very beginning.  I was around when Barbie first donned her striped swimsuit and high heels and paraded herself across the shelves of the toy store.  My friends and I pestered our moms until they gave in and bought her for us.  It seemed so harmless, then along came Midge and Ken.  I had a Midge doll, too, but I don’t know why she stayed around.  My Barbie treated her terribly – always flaunting the fact that she had a boyfriend and waving that pony tale of hers right in Midge’s plain face.  If I had been Midge,  I would have kicked her right in her unbendable knee cap.

Then Skipper joined the group and, of course, she wanted to be like Barbie instead of like more sensible Midge.  It was a bad choice of a role model.  I do think my Midge could have combed her hair once in a while, maybe used some products and a little make-up.  It was as if she didn’t care.  I guess having a friend like Barbie can make a person give up.

Fast forward a couple of decades – Bob and I decided not to get a Barbie for our daughter Dena.  I think I was still bitter from watching how mean Barbie was to Midge and I didn’t want her in my house, besides, who wants her six-year-old daughter to play with a doll who is built like that.  One Christmas morning I noticed a familiar shape under the tree.  It was a package shipped down from my in-laws to Dena.   I was getting nervous.  Dena opened the package and exclaimed, “Oh, I’m so glad they didn’t know.”

That was the beginning of the end of my Barbie boycott.  She had made her way back into my life.  At this point I started to realize the power of Barbie.  I became somewhat of a collector.  I loved the pretty dolls in beautiful outfits and kept them as collectors’ items.  I explained to Dena what NRFB (never removed from box) meant.  We had holiday Barbies and Barbies from around the world.  She was invading our world.

One day Dena’s older brother Jesse asked Dena if he could play Barbies with her.  Dena was thrilled until Jesse took Ken and made him jump out the window (insert evil laughter).  Dena was devastated.  I think Barbie stopped eating because she appeared to get even thinner.  It was a horrible scene – Dena crying, Barbie was speechless, Ken lay in the bushes covered with scratches and Jesse laughing.

Do you see the kind of problems that dolls obsessed with fashion can bring into your house?  It’s bad.  I would like to tell you that Barbies have been evicted from here, but up in the recesses of the closet I still have several NRFB that one day I’ll put on Craig’s List or Ebay.  It will serve her right.

A peek inside my closet reveals Barbie with that smug look on her face



  1. Thanks for the memory and the laugh! I needed both!
    Have a great vacation – tell you know who “hi!”

    • Thanks, Debi. You know who received the message.

  2. Again Bonnie….. You have made me laugh out loud! I remember when Kari was younger we didn’t want our kids to have “image” problems so….. Barbie wasn’t allowed here either…. ! It is very different today, I think my grandaughter has more Barbies than any one child should have! Thanks again for the LOL!

    • Yep, and I have contributed. See Dena’s comments.

  3. Love it. I remember my first Barbie… good times! The sad fact of todays consumer lifestyle is that my kids don’t just have Barbie, Midge, Skipper & Ken. They’ve got skating Barbie, swim Barbie, nude Barbie, Teresa, Ken, babysitting Barbie (complete with 2 even younger Barbie wanna bees) and then you throw in about 12 more never dressed Barbies and Disney Princesses and their collection is complete. Until Christmas or the next birthday… they always want more. Gosh it would be nice for them each to have 1 Barbie!

  4. Diana had so many Barbie’s…. some are stashed in a toybox in our basement. They got untimely haircuts, and have lost some limbs. Not neatly boxed like the one’s in your closet. I wonder if Hazel will be subjected to them?

    • I bet she will. Mia and Ella play with some of Dena’s old stuff. And not all of ours were in boxes. I think Dena had a colony of them.

  5. I think you might get your Erma wish !!!
    😀 funny!!

    • Thanks, Moggie! It seems to me I remember a swimsuit Barbie jumping off your roof into your pool. Dena and Macey may have been involved.

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