Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | August 9, 2011

Post-Vacation Post

We had a wonderful vacation and now I am struggling to get back to my normal life.  (At this point I know some who know me best will say that my normal life is like a vacation – don’t judge me!)  One of the most challenging parts of coming home is dealing with fatigue.  I’m just plain tired…from my vacation…that was very relaxing.  Weird but true.  And it’s risky telling anyone that you’re tired from your vacation because you get no sympathy.  It’s also difficult to write without falling asleep at my keyboard, which I actually have done before.  My dad used to say of my mom that she could fall asleep while running for a bus and I have inherited that trait.

Today I’m going to share a few closing thoughts from my week in the Smokies.  We experienced signs and wonders and signs that made us wonder.  We also had a few little “presents” from God that punctuated our trip with an exclamation point of thanks to Him.

We hiked to Clingman’s Dome – the toughest half mile that I have ever done.  It’s very steep and the elevation is over 6000 feet.  It was a pleasure to stop and photograph the vistas along the way with an added bonus of catching my breath.  I take a lot of pictures of flowers and while doing so I had a little visitor fly into my view.  Do you see him?  I was very excited – a little present from God.

At the top of Clingman’s Dome is an observation deck and visibility was good that day.  As if that wasn’t enough, we also saw this little present along the way.

On the back to Orlando we took the scenic route through North Carolina and Georgia and saw a sign advertising some of that famous Southern cooking.

We did not stop here.

We ended up staying in a hotel along I-75 about an hour north of Valdosta, Georgia.  We pulled in around 8:00 and hadn’t eaten dinner yet.  There were not a lot of choices.  We spotted the Golden Corral and decided to venture in.  I try to make it a practice never to eat at a place with the word “corral” in the name of the restaurant.  It brings to mind an image of a cow being herded around a bunch of food troughs.  Bob likes buffets and doesn’t share my thought process here, so I decided to concentrate on the word “Golden” instead.  They do have amazing “golden” yeast rolls that made me quite happy.  Now I had not been to a Golden Corral in over ten years and needed a guide to help me along – so many choices.  I do not do well with too many choices.  At last I spotted the area with pot roast and veggies and that looked good to me.  Then it got confusing when I read two signs that clearly had been placed by two different people – on the same buffet area, mind you.  Of course, you pay before you eat here, so sharing or not sharing was, shall we say, a “moo’ed” point.  Sorry, it must be all that corn-fed beef getting to me.

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  1. Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking (not the sharing ones!). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nursing fawn in the wild – what a precious shot. Thank you for sharing, Bonnie. And I am glad your back – south of the deep south, where we don’t serve bologna – much less “fried.” 🙂

    • Thanks, Debi. We were quite honored to come upon the fawn nursing. There were several of us watching her from above on the walkway up to the tower and they were having no problem with an audience.

  2. Love the hummingbird picture! Glad you had a great time and hope you recoup soon cause we really need a date night! 🙂 Love you!

    • You are brilliant to use every opportunity to get some babysitting. We would love to have the kids tomorrow night. And, thanks for reading my blog. Love you, too.

  3. Wow – what great pictures. I absolutely love hummingbirds and that picture is great. Also to have the opportunity to catch the fawn nursing – amazing!

    • Thanks, Chris. I was pretty excited about the humming bird especially because it was a surprise. I don’t know if you had a chance to read my prior post, but I captured a picture of a bear for that one. I love the mountains. I thought about you guys a lot on this trip. I kept thinking you would love living in western North Carolina or maybe Tennessee. Hint, hint.

  4. This is the first time I’m reading your post and thoroughly enjoyed your style of writing; practical, humorous, a little tongue in the cheek, and appreciation for God’s creation.

    Your vacation sounded wonderful! The hummingbird is my favorite bird – amazing abilities in such a tiny body. (I’ve had to stop myself from adding to my hummingbird collectibles.)

    Thanks for sharing your journey, and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Hi Yvonne, Thanks for the lovely encouraging comment. Both your name and your website came up on my comment area. (I still don’t know how twitter works, but I have some people who have tweeted my blog. I have to figure that thing out!)

  5. This was an awesome post! I loved the photo of the doe and fawn, who knew hummingbird’s live at those elevations – and what’s not to love about a fried bologna biscuit as well!! Awesome!

    • Thanks again, Tor. I will probably never know the joys of a bologna biscuit, but I’m sure there must be those out there who love them. Probably too many bologna and jelly sandwiches as a kid. I’ll blame my mom who still loves bologna.

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