Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | September 1, 2011

Look Away, I’m Hideous!

I finally ventured out of the house yesterday without my turban/indian headband.  I only drew a small amount of attention at the post office, but I think I scared a little girl at Target.  To quote Kramer (from Seinfeld), “Look away, I’m hideous!”

This is why I’ve been perfectly content to be at home, that and it’s 96 degrees outside – hot enough to make Vaseline melt down your face.  Then last night we had a meeting at church so I went.  These are my family – the people who love me.  Thought I’d share some of the “encouragements” that I received.

  • Is it Ash Wednesday already?
  • We should get you a bindi.  It’s going to need to be a really big one.
  • Did you know you have an upside down cross on your head?
  • It’s eerily like the mark the Manson family used.

The last comment was from our pastor and friend of over 30 years.  How I love these people!

Have you ever had a similar experience of feeling conspicuous because of how you looked?



  1. You’re beautiful to us. But I was thinking of the kid from Mask….

    • Thank you. You know what – I just realized the Halloween story is open now. I could have some real fun there.

  2. Come on… my comment about making sure you’re protected from vampires didn’t make it in there!?! 🙂 It’s just the fact that people know you love a joke and a smile so much that they want to give you one to make you more at ease about the big oozy wound on your head! 🙂 I did think it a bit odd that you sat so near the front of church but then I realized that only those in the 3 rows ahead of you could see your face! Brilliant!

    • I am so sorry I forgot about your brilliant comment. I know there are others that I forgot, too. I guess it was that headache working against my memory. By the way, no signs of vampires – it’s working.

  3. You sure they are your friends?

    • Absolutely, Ali. It does make me think of the old saying – with friend like these who needs enemies. But seriously, they know that I value seeing the humor in things and it does put me at ease. I think one of the ways I know we are friends is that we can encourage each other and tease each other in the same conversation. Thanks for commenting.

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