Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | September 2, 2011

Merry Christmas!

As you know by now, I have been house-bound for the past week and a half or so.  At least I think it was only a week and a half.  I had surgery on the 23rd and went to Costco on what I believed was Sept 1 and this is what I discovered.  Christmas is here.  Maybe this is the Rip Van Winkle effect or something of that sort, I’m not sure.  But it looks like I have some shopping to do.



  1. Well. Merry Christmas to you too! lol

    (I play the piano at church, and in June/July/August I take a secret delight in slipping in a Christmas song during the quiet time before the service begins. It’s so fun to see the faces of those really listening as they think they recognize the song, and the beaming smile as they completely indentify it as a Christmas song!)

    Glad you’re out and about!

    • I love it! I was with Debi last night and she couldn’t say enough about how much she enjoyed being with you and your hubby. You’re a blessing. Thank you.

  2. My husband just came home from Costco with the same report. How can this be…I think we need to settle into school and let the weather change before Christmas shows up…

    • I know, Lisa. Or perhaps let us get our fall decorations displayed before we think about Christmas. If it’s no white shoes after Labor Day, Christmas decorations could have at least waited until after the weekend. Crazy!

  3. Bonnie,
    I saw the same snowman today and didn’t look too happy. He wanted to know why it was so H.O.T. outside. I didn’t have an answer, so I simply directed him to the refrigerated section of Costco. It’s so cold I avoid it, even on the hottest of summer days. He had a smile on his face last I saw him. 🙂

    • You are so thoughtful, Debi. I’m sure he appreciated it more than he could express.

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