Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 1, 2011

Our Neighborhood is Really Hopping

To call our neighborhood unique doesn’t begin to describe it.  We’ve lived here for 28 years this month.  We’ve had the same next-door neighbor all of that time because we purposely built our houses together and regularly threaten each other regarding staying put.  Out of the 79 homes here, 10 families are our church friends.  It can take a long time to walk around the half-mile long block because there are so many opportunities to stop and visit.  It’s a little surreal, but nice.

I saw on Facebook one day that my good friend Kathy had a mutual friend over with her bunny rabbit.  It had been a long time since I’d petted a bunny so I figured I was due.  I went for the pop-in.

No one is an interruption to Kathy.  She’s that kind of a wonderful friend and evidently, wedding coordinator.  I had no idea I was walking in on wedding plans.  Yes, Mercy was trying on her wedding gown, which was hand-made by the impending groom’s mother (I would call her an owner, but she’s one of my crazy animal-loving friends so I’ll indulge her).

Mercy is marrying John Piper.  If you run in Christian circles, you probably know John Piper as a wonderful author and pastor.  This is not that John Piper.  Piper’s mom/owner is quite the John Piper fan (I guess that goes without saying, but I did anyway).  Yes, Mercy and Piper are rabbits.  Before I had that piece of information I heard comments like these mixed in conversation with my friend, “Piper needs to be put back in his cage” and “Can anyone take care of John Piper for the weekend?”  It was really weird when John Piper was part of the petting zoo at our church Fall Festival last year.

The Blushing Bride

I believe the wedding is scheduled for sometime this month.  As a precaution, if you see John Piper (the rabbit) please do not show him the picture of Mercy in her wedding gown.  I wouldn’t want them to experience that kind of bad luck.  Of course if they did, they could always carry a rabbit’s foot around in their pocket.  Well, maybe not.


  1. Good one Erma!!

  2. That was so funny! I promise her secret is safe with me!

    • Thanks, Vanessa. And, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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