Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 3, 2011

A Bleep on the Screen

The regular baseball season is over and the playoffs are now in full swing.  This is the time for some of the best baseball of the year, but in my opinion you’re going to have to go a long way to beat the drama that unfolded on Wednesday, September 28, the final day of the regular season.

Before I go any further you should know that I am from Baltimore.  I am an Oriole fan, raised by an Oriole fan (not my dad, my mom).  If it weren’t for my mom I don’t think I would have realized that it’s perfectly okay for a girl to like sports.  (And if it weren’t for my dad I don’t know that I would have realized that it is also perfectly okay for guys not to care much about sports.)  My baseball roots were firmly planted by my mom with support from Dad who loves her. 

But back to last Wednesday night.  Late in the evening the winner of the American League Wild-Card Race was still undetermined.  The Boston Red Sox were playing my beloved Orioles.  The Tampa Bay Rays (our kind-of local team that I sort-of route for but don’t follow too closely as it seems so disloyal to the Os) were playing the evil-empire Yankees.  Entering these two games both the Rays and the Red Sox sat with identical records of 90-71.  This did not even seem possible at the beginning of September before the Red Sox epic collapse.  The slide is a big part of baseball, but this one is now and will continue to be infamous.

So if the teams’ records had remained tied the Rays would host a one-game playoff.  It was not meant to be.  My son, Scott, is an avid Oriole fan of the type that rivals my own mother.  I’m so proud!  As we heard him watching the game from his room, we peeked out there and were drawn into the drama.  In the bottom of the ninth, when I’m sure every Sox fan was mentally preparing to go at least one more game, it was over.  The Orioles pulled out the victory with celebrating that made me think they had just won the Pennant.  I’m so happy for my Orioles going out on a high note like that.  We’ll get them next year.

Picture from Oriole Baseball FB Page

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, just moments later, the Rays beat the Yankees and got themselves a playoff position as the Wild Card, which has never been a more appropriate designation.  Love it!  It’s a great time to be an Oriole fan that lives in Florida!  Go Rays!

That night in September the Orioles were a bleep on the screen – a very significant bleep.  Their season-closing victory was made all the sweeter as it spoiled the plans of the big guys from Boston.  Do you ever think of your life as a bleep on the screen?  Do you realize that what you do matters?  I love thinking about God and baseball.  He wants us to go through life like every day matters and celebrate like we’ve just won the pennant.


  1. You know what? I don’t even like baseball, but I love you. And this post is another great one imho. ❤ you! Go Rays!

    • Thanks, Debi, my faithful friend! Miss you.

  2. GREAT post! I do sportswriting for a website as well and love seeing other women express their love of sports. I am also partial to baseball! I’m from Aizona and adore my Diamondbacks. Thanks for the smile!

    • Thank you, MissRiki. I’ve been trained well by mom who loves sports so much she was dubbed the nickname Johnny Unitas by some of her friends.

  3. Red Sox fans are still in shock….in denial! I love when the perceived underdog wins!

    • Me, too, Beth. I like your use of the word perceived here. Things are not always as they seem, are they!

  4. hiya there Bonnie, having just read about Os and rays for my very first read of your blog.I am now convinced of the existance of blogging in tongues… no doubt there will be an interpretation re ” bottom of the ninth” at some other juncture….

    or maybe you were just talking about grown men in tight pants playing rounders? 😉

    Roger, very much Johnny English in all but name

    • Hi Roger, Maybe this wasn’t the best one for you to start with – giving the language barrior. I’m not sure what “grown men in tight pants playing rounders” means, but it might mean baseball. If it does, than you are spot on! Here’s a basic interpretation for you: The Os are the Baltimore Orioles and the Rays are the Tampa Bay Rays (Maryland and Florida respectively). Each team was playing ball that night with two other teams and the outcome of those games would determine which team would move into a playoff position heading ultimately toward the World Series (I know, not the whole world, just US and two teams in Canada). There are nine innings in a baseball game – an inning is comprised of each team having a time at bat that lasts until three outs have been achieved. The beginning of an inning is called the top of the inning. The second half of the inning is the bottom. Therefore, the bottom of the nineth is the end of the game, unless there’s a tie and then they go to extra innings. So, there you go, Johnny English. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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