Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 3, 2011

No Hidden Fees

I want to let all of my readers know that I am once again embarking on a blogging challenge – 31 posts during the 31 days of October.  I’m already one day behind because I have been away on a wonderful, long weekend with my family, but that’s okay as my weekend priorities were built around them.  This morning I’m trying to catch up on all of my laundry, correspondence and blogging; but  I felt the need to warn you about this challenge as a few of you commented about the July one and were wondering what came over me.  I, too, wondered, but here I go again.

If you’ve followed the news the last few days you’ve seen that Bank of America and CitiBank are now charging their customers a monthly fee to use their debit cards.  This is causing quite the stir and is driving some customers to seek out other banks or credit unions in which to keep their money.  I want you to know that I will not charge you a fee for reading my posts.  Because I appreciate you taking your time to follow me when there are so many blogs out there, I have chosen not to institute a fee.  There will be no hidden fees either so you are free to keep on following me for free.  Thank you!


  1. You know, Bonnie… you may not charge a fee – but there is a toll!

    Everytime I read one of your blog posts, I can’t get through without laughing!!!


    • Aw, thanks, Lori. You sure named your blog appropriately as I’m always encouraged by you.

  2. Bonnie, I’m SO grateful you don’t charge us to read your blog!! PHEW!! ;-D

  3. oddly, Barb & I just put our money into a credit union that REQUIRES you to use their debit card 12 times a month. If you do that, you can earn 2.5% on your balance. We ran around one day last month and made 12 dollar store purchases. Maybe they want to get you hooked and then change their policy and charge you a fee. Who knows?

    • That is odd. Hope you have a wonderful weekend at home before heading east. We really appreciate all you do and your willingness to do it.

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