Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 7, 2011

Sleeping with the Fishie

I’m typing very quietly because it’s nap time.  And I want one.  Yesterday afternoon my very appreciative son and daughter-in-law dropped their two young boys here for six days while they go away for their tenth anniversary.  My daughter-in-law called me before they came, just after taking her nearly five-year-old to the doctor, because he woke up with pink eye.  She felt so bad, but there you go.  There they go.  Plans are in motion; wheels are turning and it’s okay.

You may not think pink eye is a big deal, but you may never have had pink eye for three straight months.  Or had it start the day you woke up to go to Europe.  Or had to pretend to be a movie star wearing sunglasses while you cruised the Mediterranean just so you wouldn’t be confined to your cabin.  Or had to scour the countryside of Southern France to find someone who spoke English to help you.  Or had your eyes crack and bleed in the corners day after day.  You may not have had to be on steroids for months to try to return to normal.  I have and that’s why my kids felt so bad.  The two words that send chills up my spine are PINK EYE.  So we’re doing all we can here to keep the hand washing at a high level and using paper towels all the while making sure my sweet grandson doesn’t feel like a leper.

The boys go to bed like a dream, but they are early risers.  Winston was up at 6:00 with the report that his bed was mysteriously wet.  Bob was already heading toward work so Winston bunked in with me until the sun rose.  I kept telling him it was night-time and hoping he wouldn’t put it together that his Bumpa was already going to work – he didn’t.  Sleeping (and I use the word loosely) with Winston is kind of like sleeping in the bottom of a fishing boat with the catch thrashing around the floor.  He was quiet but constantly in motion.  At 7:20 he gave me the report, “Grandmom, it’s daytime.”  And our day officially began.


  1. Ah, yes, trying to obtain a modicum of rest while bound to a whirling dervish. Maybe that’s why I only sleep 3 hours a night?
    (Actually, I’ve been told that I am one, as well…)

    • The fact that you only sleep three hours a night explains the volume of info you produce, though if I got only three hours of sleep my info would be more whacky than normal. Come to think of it, I only did get three hours last night.

  2. The JOYS of being grandparents. Ah we are there too with six of them.
    Hope you get some rest, have lots of fun and take care of the pink eye, only a set of grandparents would do that for their children. Blessings to you

    • Thank you for your comment. Being a grandma is wonderful. I have 3 others and 1 on the way from my daughter. Blessings to you, too, Sharon.

  3. Pink eye is no joke, but I caught myself laughing repeatedly throughout this post especially the notification that the bed “…was mysteriously wet…” Tweeted!

    • Thank you, Tor. I’m trying to remember that I got very little sleep last night and that is why my eyes burn today. I don’t have pink eye. I don’t have pink eye.

  4. What great grandparents you are! I look forward to those days in my future….

    • Thank you, Beth. It’s such a blessing to live close to my kids and grandkids.

  5. Hahaha!

    Cute blog! Kids are great!

  6. I remember those days of bed-juggling. My youngest is now 10, but he has autism and often wakes during the night to make sure I’m still there. This happens most often when he’s just returned from spending time at his Dad’s place.

    I’m happy to hop in and snuggle up short term until he settles again, as it means I can sneak away silently, like a ninja.

    • Gotta grab those snuggles when you can. I like your ninja approach. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Pine Eye – sounds prickly! Glad to know my good friend and I are both on such duty. Not much sleep taking place in Atlanta either. Miss you!

    • Miss you, too. It’s funny that our kids are both away for their anniversaries in the same place so far from home.

  8. oh my goodness.I am so looking forward to this! Actually it will be very interesting and will keep me going for the next 20 years or so, I guess I need a new project since dad is going away :).

    • Is there an underlying meaning to your comment?

  9. No grandkids in our life yet (which is GOOD right now) – but you brought me back 20 years to when our son would crawl into bed and lie crossways. (His head would be on one of us and feet on the other.) I do miss the cuddles…

    Praying there’s no “pink” in your future!

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