Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 8, 2011

Storm Cloud Rising

Bob and I sat idyllically by the pool enjoying the sun and ocean breezes during our long weekend at Daytona.  I love it there, only an hour’s drive from home and yet I feel like I’m away from everything.  I pointed out a storm cloud looming just to the north of us.

“Look at that,” I said.  “We may not be out here for too long.”

Shortly the heat of the day started to take its toll on me so we moved into the shade.  Looking up again I said, “Remember that cloud that was over there.  Well, it’s right above us now and I’m starting to feel some rain.”

Bob, quick as ever, said, “That’s not the same cloud.  Notice the clouds are moving to the east.  That cloud was behind the building.  The one that was north of us earlier has moved over the ocean.”

I looked at him with all the love I could muster and said, “Why do you hate me?”

This is typical of the differences between Bob and me.  It used to make me crazy, but now we just laugh about it because it makes life fun and that’s a very good thing for your marriage.




  1. Ooo! There is hope! Lynette often says, “why do you have to correct me?” Um, because you don’t want to persist in error, I think. She does not see it that way. At all. So, we’ll get to the place someday when that doesn’t bug her? (Note I’m not asking if I will ever stop, since that just isn’t going to happen. I’m helping!)

    • Helpful husbands can sometimes hinder conversation flow. I really didn’t care what cloud it was, just wanted to let him know it was starting to rain. Bob, like you, thought I would really want to know the true facts. Being in the blog challenge I also thanked him for one more idea for a post.

  2. Oh Bonnie – you’ve just nailed the “spirit” of the conversation Rob and I had only 3 minutes ago…

    Thanks for being a good example!

    • It’s fun, isn’t it Lori. This is the man God knew I’d need.

  3. Our differences do make life interesting for 38 years I have been challenged by our differences, but I truly think if we were ‘alike’ it might drive me crazy.

    • I agree, Sharon. Bob and I have been married for 36 years, so we’re right behind you. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Somehow I can see you sitting on the beach having this conversation and the look on your face as Bob is sharing with you the air currents of the clouds. Hilarious! This is why we love you guys – always a laugh to share.

    • We’re here for you! Thanks for commenting and encouraging me so much. Love you.

  5. I thought you were writing about Michael and I for a minute there!!

    • This appears to be a typical male thing – they just are so helpful sometimes!

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