Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 9, 2011

Sunday Funnies

I checked into a time share resort and they said I could leave a credit card imprint or a “temporary hundred.”  I told them that was confusing to me because every hundred dollars I’ve ever had was temporary.

I saw the following bumper sticker last week – “Proud Owner of a Beautiful but Completely Worthless Horse.”

I have an idea for a new GPS system specifically geared toward teenagers.  The parents get to download their own voice onto it with add-on comments like, “Remember to watch your speed; you can’t afford another ticket.”  Or “Recalculating to pass a gas station so for once I don’t get in the car after you and discover it’s on fumes.”

I was trying to figure out a handle for playing Scramble or Words with Friends.  I go by “Bonnie the Adequate,” because what if I’m not that great.  (I never play against anyone though.)

Putting my three-year-old grandson down for a nap yesterday I assured him it was just a little nap.  He said, “Two minutes.”  I told him that was not quite enough so he held up eight fingers and said, “Okay, six minutes then.”

I decided to do People of Apple pictures, you know like the People of Walmart, but everyone looked too normal.



  1. Pretty funny… love the three year old, six minute nap?
    um… no grandma needs more ‘quiet time than that’.

    thanks for the laugh

    • Thanks, Sharon. It’s always a little sad when they learn the concept of time and you can no longer get away with a six minute nap.

  2. I think you could make a “killing” with the GPS for teens!

    My kids said they could always hear my voice in their head…

    (you’ve gotta have a good one-liner to follow THAT statement, Bonnie! – I can almost *see* YOUR words on my screen!) LOL

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