Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 11, 2011

The Train is Back in the Roundhouse

True confessions time here – I am not accustomed to being awake, out of bed, and functional before the sun rises.  I definitely have put in my time with all of that, but now that the kids are grown I have come to enjoy the luxury of easing into my morning.  It’s so civilized!  I generally get up, put on the coffee and open the blinds and let the sunshine in.  I hear the sounds of birds chirping outside and coffee perking (dripping) and that’s about it.  I sit down for a cup and my morning routine and by 9:00 I’m open for business (whatever that is).

These past mornings with my grandsons here, I have been up before the birds.  Except for one bird who sits in the pass-through over my sink and watches me make my coffee.  He tries to get me to be angry about being up, but it’s not working.

Angry Bird (maybe he's nocturnal)

Instead of the sounds of birds chirping I have the sounds of a train going through my living room.  It seems the train is on an early schedule and runs almost constantly through the day.  It has a loud forceful hum which comes from a three-year-old baritone.  I’m thankful I saved the train from when my kids were small.  I honestly think I’d go crazy without this option for my grandkids.

My kids played with this; now it's the grandkids turn

My son (Uncle Scott) likes to come through and get the boys riled up.  Since the oldest, Manning, came to us with pink eye, we were all a bit nervous.  I had procedures set up to keep us from getting it and it looks like they were successful.  I am very grateful to God.  Typically Uncle Scott chases the boys a lot and wrestles with them.  In light of the rosy-eyed situation here, he made up a new game.  He’d walk through and not chase the boys.  They would have none of that so they chased him and he ran through the house yelling “pink eye, pink eye.”  They never caught him, but I can just imagine them explaining the new fun game called Pink Eye to their mom and dad.

They go home tonight so tomorrow I’ll be back in my normal routine.  I know the quiet will be deafening, but if it gets too much I can always set up the train tracks and make some noise.



  1. Wonderful last day. Now, you’ll also get to enjoy your morning respite- and miss them each morning.

    • Thanks, Roy, and you’re right. Up until last April they lived in the house right behind us so they used to pop in almost daily. I really missed them when they moved, but thankfully they only live 20 minutes away now.

  2. I too saved Micah’s train and am looking forward to hearing the creative sounds! Moggie

    • I think about you guys when the train is out. We have the “A” on our tracks so we could separate them after combining ours with yours. Nice memories.

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