Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 12, 2011

Morning Bites, A Novel Idea

You may know that I’ve been working on a novel.  I’ve submitted it to a few editors/agents and will be submitting again this week.  Between that and the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I’m in a writing mode.  It’s always good to think towards your next project so I’m thinking about writing a book all about angst-filled teenagers who go around biting people and despite this character flaw they still have lots of friends who are willing to hang around with them.

I know what you’re thinking, “Haven’t we had enough of vampires and zombies and other all-around sexy and/or scary bad creatures that come out at twilight and rule the nighttime hours?  I mean, really, it’s far-fetched enough that these vampire types are the most popular guys in town and even though dating them is fraught with disaster, they still have more dates than the local nerd who we know some day will be part of the Nerds Rule the World force?”

Good question.  My book will be different.  It will take place in the morning.  I’m thinking about calling it “Morning Bites.”  Do you see the connection?  It’s a metaphor (if you will) of how teenagers don’t like mornings because they (the teenagers, not the mornings) really are more nocturnal than diurnal.  Part of the angst is that they have to get up early and go to school and, frankly in a lot of their opinions, that really bites.

Opening scene would be something like this:  Cool teen saunters into the classroom yawning while finishing up a Red Bull.  Teacher greets him with the “Why are you late again?” speech.  Freshly caffeinated teen runs up and bites the teacher on the arm.

The scene is repeated in classroom after classroom until finally the Health Department and Board of Education have to step in and reevaluate the start time of the school and schedule lectures on the presence of disease-filled organisms found in human saliva.

I’d love some input on this.  I’m trying to create my story arc but it seems a little flat.



  1. I’d like to see your story-bored on this, whoops was that a typo? Can’t wait to be home!

    • This probably came as a result of too little sleep. See you soon!

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