Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 19, 2011

Meet my Friend, Rob – Win a Copy of his Book

I am very excited about this post.  You probably are saying, “She gets excited about a lot of stuff.  What singles this post out?”

Good question!  I’ll answer it with another question.  Do you have a mentor or someone in your life who encouraged you to step out into uncharted territory and even believed in you when you didn’t really believe in yourself?  And that person wasn’t your own mom or dad or spouse?  Me too!  So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Rob Swanson.  Rob is a friend, neighbor, fellow Christian and a writer.  He has just published a book that is so amazing I just have to tell you about it.  Telling you about it isn’t enough; I’m going to give a copy away.  Yes, I’m having my first contest on my blog!  I’m pretty pumped about it.

First a little about Rob’s book.  Rob asked me to be a beta reader for Do Angels Still Fall? (a beta reader is someone who reads the book while still in draft form and offers input).  He was particularly interested in choosing the correct genre for it.  Initially he thought somewhere between middle grade and young adult.  As I began reading I immediately became engaged in this book about a twelve-year-old boy and his guardian angel.  The characters were leaping off the page and the dialog (without exaggeration) did indeed feel inspired.  I could not keep the raves about it to myself and before long my husband said he had to read it.  This is a man who devours the books of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn (but he would admit that I am his favorite author, of course).

Before long Bob and I were engaged so completely in this book that everything else around us stood still waiting for us to finish.  I loved it and Bob did, too.  We talked about the genre issue.  Yes, it would be fine for anyone early teens up.  But more than that it seemed like a read for everyone – the kind of book you could read to or with your kids and enjoy as much or more than they do.  Quite a rare find!  Rob is calling this a family book and I think that’s a good description.

Rob was kind enough to take a few minutes with me for an interview.  I am including it in today’s post.

Tell us about your book.

Do Angels Still Fall? is a novel about a Guardian Angel with a strange assignment: take guardianship of a hyper-active 12-year-old boy facing some heartbreaking challenges AND reveal himself to his charge.  Becoming the boy’s only friend, the angel is confronted with temptation and wonders, can he fall?

What led you to write it?

I honestly don’t remember (it took awhile to write).  I wanted my kids to have something they could read, but where the concept came from? No memory. Weird, huh?

Did you have a particular message in mind when you started out?

When I started out, no.  I’m fascinated with the truth of Christianity, and because I came to the Lord as an adult, I always wondered what a childhood in Christ would be like.  I think every kid feels awkward growing up and only with adulthood do you look back and see the miracle every child contains.  Maybe through the angel’s eyes, kids can see themselves as God does.

The dialog between the two main characters in your book is inspired.  Can you tell us about how you developed these characters or how you chose them to tell the story?

We know so much more than we think we do, and the Spirit of God loves to speak through us, I think.  Soak story and truth in, and after enough time and with a lot of God’s help, it flows out.  I look at some of the passages in the book and I’m floored by what God has done there.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Robert B. Parker and Dick Francis.  They are both artists in reducing prose to just the story with no fluffiness.  They use words precisely and sparingly.

Is there anything else that you wish I had asked?

My unbelieving family and friends wonder why I write Christian fiction when “the money’s in secular writing.”  A good story teaches the writer more than the reader, and a good Christian story teaches a whole lot more.  There’s something miraculous in the writing process when the Holy Spirit grabs your keyboard.  That’s worth far more than money.

Do you have anything else in the works right now?  A website or a FB fan page?

Ha!  I have a lot in the works!  My “process,” if I have one, is to not rush creativity, which means I’ve got a lot of unfinished stories.  The nice thing about that is I complete several things all at once.  Makes me look prolific when I’m really a horrible procrastinator.  Angels is a youth book that adults can enjoy.  My next book, Mercy’s Run, is a book for adults that kids can enjoy.

Feel free to visit my blog for Angels:   I hope to host discussions with kids (and adults) who have read the book and found it helpful (growing up I thought I was the only one who felt awkward and out of place).

I hope you enjoyed meeting Rob.  Don’t forget to enter the contest, or if you can’t wait, Do Angels Still Fall? is available on Amazon, B&N, Apple Store and Smashwords.  You can also get it for your Kindle or Nook.

Here are the contest rules:

  1. The contest begins with this post and will continue through tomorrow’s post.
  2. Comment on either or both posts and receive 1 entry per comment (max of 2 entries).
  3. Share on FB and receive 1 entry (max of 2).  You must mention doing this in your comment.
  4. Retweet and receive 1 entry (max of 2).  You must mention doing this in your comment.
  5. Contest ends at midnight on Sunday, October 23.  No accumulation of points after that time.
  6. Anyone related to me is not eligible to win, but you are encouraged to share on FB or twitter.  The winner will be determined by a random drawing and announced in my blog on Monday, October 24.


  1. After reading your post “Meet my friend Rob” I am very interested in reading his book “Do Angels Still Fall?”. Your writing is captivating and I can just imagine Rob’s work. Interesting stories coming from your family, neighbors and friends. Life is worth reading.

    • Thanks, Vanessa. You now have one entry in the contest. Share it on FB and let me know to earn one more. Earn more chances with tomorrow’s post.

  2. What a great concept for a story. I will more than likely buy it if I don’t win a copy. I’ve always wondered about guardian angels and it is fun to think about the impact they have on our lives. Thanks for sharing this opportunity. (I tweeted too.)

    • Thank you, Vanessa. This gives you two entries in the contest. You can enter again tomorrow. Good luck!

  3. Awesome post Bonnie, nicely done! This sounds like a great book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy Bonnie – I’m tweeting this bad boy! Pardon my ignorance, but do you have a book in the queue? Did I miss that? If so, I’d love to feature you over on my site.

    Rob, I’d love to feature you as well over on my site in the coming weeks….

    • Thanks, Tor. I’ll pass the word along to Rob, too. I would be honored to have you feature me on your site, but I’m not quite ready yet. I have written a middle grade novel about growing up in the Depression and I have it out to a couple of potential agents. It is humorous and is loosely based on my dad’s life growing up near Baltimore. I’m not too hopeful, but you never know. Meanwhile, I had some ideas to tweak it, which I will be working on in the next few weeks. I’ve kind of given myself a January deadline to see if I get any bites before I go the micro-publishing route. I will contact you when I have a product. Thank you!

  4. A really great post. This also sounds like a wonderful book to be sure. I am jealous that I cannot think of good things to write about like this. I bet it will do great with such a fascinating story line. Thank you for posting about it.

    • Thanks for commenting, Randall. And you forget, I’ve seen your poetry now so I know you do well with story lines. You are now entered in the contest to win Do Angels Still Fall?

  5. Wow! Rob sounds so awesome! Thank you for letting us meet him and giving us a chance to win the book. Sounds like a great read. Have already FB’d and RT’d. Looking forward to hearing more from you and from Rob. Fantastic post! God bless.

    • Thanks! I’m so happy for Rob. I’m writing more about him right now and you can read more and enter again tomorrow. You have 3 entries as of now:)

  6. I can’t wait to read it..I want to win a copy…I can say I know the author.

    • It is so good, Janine. You’ll love it. You are entered to win. Enter again off of tomorrow’s blog. Good luck!

  7. I’d like my winning copy to be autographed please. ;D I have shared on FB as well! SO exciting!!!! Love my friend Bonnie, and my friend Rob! 😀

    • You are so cute! If you win, I’ll be sure it’s personally autographed for you. You have 2 entries. Get 2 more from today’s post. Love you, too.

  8. Looks like a good book! Would love to read it!

    • You have 2 entries in the contest. Thanks, Vickie!

  9. Facebook…:)

  10. Hey Bonnie – let them know about his blog too! 🙂

    • He linked it in his interview yesterday. I probably should have linked it again today.

  11. Thanks for introducing us to your writing group buddy – I’ve downloaded his book to my Kindle. (My) Robert and I are headed for a holiday next week so it’s ready for me to enjoy!

    I love giving books as a gift, so you can officially add me to your contest!

    • Thanks, Lori. I am very excited for people to read it. He does an amazing job of presenting the gospel. Have a good weekend and you are entered in the contest.

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