Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | October 24, 2011

Spook Hill (plus winner of book give-away)

Today is a two for one post.  Two mysteries.  Who will win Do Angels Still Fall? from last week’s contest?  And is Spook Hill really spooky?

Mystery #1:  Thank you all for your many entries in the contest to win Rob Swanson’s book.  I was thrilled by your responses and your sharing.  The winner of the book is Colleen Moore.  Congratulations, Colleen.  Your book will be mailed to you.

Mystery #2:  Lake Wales, Florida.  On Saturday our family made a trip to Lake Wales, Florida.  Lake Wales is the home of Bok Tower Gardens, a neighbor to the new Legoland in Winter Haven, and home of Spook Hill.  Our primary reason for visiting the area was Bok Tower, but who could resist the Legend of Spook Hill.  There are signs pointing to Spook Hill, very old signs.  It’s a kitschy sort of a place – a throw-back to old Florida folklore.

We pulled up, all three vehicles of us, read the sign and proceeded to be unamazed at the weirdless phenomena that occurred.  It reminds me of a joke – an engineer, a philosopher and a nurse pull up to Spook Hill to experience an assault on the principle of gravity.  Everyone appears to roll backwards down hill despite the claims that you will appear to roll backwards up hill.  The engineer claimed everything was just as it should be and the legend was a hoax.  The philosopher questioned if we can really know the difference between uphill and downhill.  The nurse gave me ibuprofen for my headache.

As we left the area we stopped and asked a group of locals that were gathered there how long Spook Hill had been broken.  They looked confused.  So did we.



  1. Bonnie-
    there was a typo- the K was supposed to be an F!

    • Ha, ha! I think you’re right. I looked on youtube and others all seemed to “get” it. Our group, including an engineer, a nurse and a philosopher did not. Thanks for the comment.

  2. We should start a commune,I can add 2 CPA’s one who is also a musician, an Artist, and 1 graphic designer to your mix. Just think of all the things we could invent, paint ,publish, keep our bills paid, stay cool be healthy and be entertained.(lots of kids and a band) !! So glad you exposed the HOAX, it was on our list.

    • We could be the CGHE (Crazed Group of Hoax Exposers). I wanted to put AC tech on my list, but I couldn’t figure out how to fit it in the joke.

  3. Who knew that the “obvious” would be so spooky. I’ve got goose bumps (but that might be due to the fact that I’m typing in a meat locker or maybe not)…..

  4. Ah – Tor took my lead in to how you could have added your AC tech into the joke – “he was the only one who kept his cool.”

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