Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | November 8, 2011

Meet My Friend, John – Win a Copy of his Book

Hey there, America

When the faux former President of the United States of America calls you and requests that you join him and his wife for the weekend, you do it.  Especially if the faux former pres in question is your dear friend and George W. Bush impersonator, John Morgan.
We got the call late on a Friday night.  Here is the scenario (as I imagined it).  President Bush and his wife were preparing for a summit.  I’m sure they were in the situation room, or maybe their laundry room, when they realized they needed extra security.  That’s where Bob and I came in.  We have been friends with John and Kathy Morgan since before his rise as an impersonator.  My husband Bob has served as secret service for John on several occasions.  I mean, what is a world leader without secret service?

John has traveled all over the globe as George Bush, but it’s more than just a gig for him.  John is one of those people whose enthusiasm meter is always reading extreme.  He is passionate about God, passionate about his family and friends, passionate about his country and he looks a whole lot like George W. Bush.

John has written a book entitled, My Life as a Bush…and my heart for imitating Jesus.  I am going to give a copy to one of you as part of a contest on my blog.  At the end of this post I will give you the details of how to enter.  Meanwhile, I interviewed John recently and thought I would share some details here with you.  You will note that John slides in and out of character during the interview (just like he does in real life).

Tell me how you got started impersonating George W. Bush.

When Dubya was running for president I was told by about a million people that I look a lot like him.  People would ask if I was his brother, cousin, you name it.  I look so much like a bush that dogs started sniffin’ my leg looking for a, well, you get the point.  I thought maybe I could perform a skit as The President, but I never thought it might yield a career.  Then my wife saw someone on TV imitating George W; she did a web search and found several guys making a living imitating him.  One night she woke me out of a dead sleep, grabbed me by the scruff of my pajamas and told me that she found my new career.  I thought about it for almost a second and dismissed it – impersonators are kooks, I thought.  But when I prayed about it I received a deep sense that this was indeed God’s plan for me.  In obedience I set out to learn how to become an impersonator.

Have you ever met GW?

Yes.  I told him that I was honored to look like him.  He told me that he felt sorry for me.

What is one thing that has taken you by surprise as you walk in GW’s shoes?

Laura would say Barney’s doo-doo on the bottom of them.  She had a fit when I walked in from the Rose Garden one day and got it all over the carpet.  We had to call in the Secret Service to de-poop the place.  But seriously, it would be that I possess the companion gifting to do the job well.  It’s not enough to just look like someone, you have to be able to mimic the mannerisms and voice, as well as have stage presence and a sense of his style.  Notice I called it gifting.  A gift implies a Giver and I am always aware of how God set this up for me.

I know you are a follower of Jesus.  How do you guard your witness as you impersonate such a public figure who is both loved and hated?

I live by the golden rule, seeking to be a servant in whatever scenario I find myself, even if the folks I’m serving are opponents of George W. Bush.  I also do a lot of gun shows but never at the same time as Dick Cheney.

What is the funniest reaction you have had from someone as you portrayed GW?

I’d say it was when my wife Kathy woke up one morning and thought she’d been sleeping with the pres, but on second thought it was probably back around the 2005 Inauguration.  President Bush had an interview with Barbara Walters the day of the inauguration.  The next morning as I was at the airport awaiting my flight, I spotted her and her entourage.  Since I was in full GW make-up, I decided to head over towards her.  When I caught her eye, she rushed up to me and said, “Mr. President, Mr. President, were you pleased with last night’s interview?”  So, watching Barbara Walters’ expression as I punked her certainly is in the Top 3.

I understand you just returned from China.  Any good stories you can share with us?

The people of China are very hospitable and wanted me to enjoy the full experience of being in their country.  I never imagined that would extend to eating cow stomach, but I wasn’t about to turn it down.  And yes, cow stomach tastes just like you would think it does.

What would you do if you were the actual President of the United States?

Define “actual.”

Okay, we’re not going to go there.  I’m giving away a copy of your book My Life as a Bush.  Do you have anything else in the works?  Do you have a website or fan page on FB?

Yes, my FB page is John C. Morgan, and my website is  God bless ya!

Here are the contest rules:

  1. The contest begins with this post and will continue through Thursday’s post.
  2. Comment on either or both posts and receive 1 entry per comment  (max of 2 entries).
  3. Share on FB and receive 1 entry (max of 2). You must mention doing  this in your comment.
  4. Retweet and receive 1 entry (max of 2). You must mention doing  this in your comment.
  5. Contest ends at midnight on Sunday, November 13. No accumulation of  points after that time.
  6. Anyone related to me is not eligible to win, but you are  encouraged to share on FB or twitter. The winner will be determined by a random
    drawing and announced in my blog on Tuesday, November 15.

In my post this Thursday I’ll share about what it’s like to be friends with John and his wife Kathy, which includes me doing the strangest thing I have ever done; and you will have more opportunities for entries to win a copy of his book.



  1. sheesh Bonnie, you are up early……

    • Not really, Roger. I cheat. I schedule the post for 5:00 my time. I’m not a morning person. You now have an entry to win the book. Thanks.

  2. Such a great interview, Bonnie. I feel as if I know him myself…wait.
    Seriously! I love the path these book giveaways are leading you. Great post!!

    • Thanks, Debi. Also, you now have an entry to win John’s book.

  3. It is really uncanny how much John looks like JWB and how well he can imitate him ! I had to look up uncanny just to make sure I spelled it right,and look what I found in the meaning, “seeming to have a ‘supernatural’ character or origin” in this case– TRUE DAT !

    • Your comment is uncanny! You are entered to win the book. Thanks!

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