Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | November 11, 2011

No Beating Around the Bush (book give-away part II)

Tuesday I introduced you to John Morgan who makes a living impersonating George W. Bush.  His book My Life as a Bush…and my heart for imitating Jesus chronicles this journey in a thoughtful and humorous way.  At this end of this post I will tell you how you can enter to win a copy.  Today let me tell you what it’s like to be friends with John and his wife Kathy.

It has been so much fun to watch John’s career grow.  In the early days as he was preparing for impersonating GW, there was a man in our church who happened to look like Dick Cheney and the two of them did a couple of small events together.  I think this helped build John’s identity as Mr. President.  But just like in real life, people were happy to have the President come and the Vice President could do whatever it is that he does, so the two performing together did not develop, but I can see how God used it.

Our church has small groups and Bob and I have been in the same one with John and Kathy for years.  Sometimes I would notice John staring at me.  Ordinarily stares from another man would freak me out, but in this case even more so because I could see the wheels of John’s mind turning.  “You know you look like Laura,” John would say time and time again as he pondered how to build his faux first family.  (For a season Kathy would don a wig and appear as Laura, but she enjoyed being behind the scenes much more.)  One night I remember saying to him, “Snap out of it.  I’m not going to impersonate her.”  Famous last words.

Kathy was all in favor of me standing beside John as that got her off the hook.  Finally they talked me into it.  I bought a pantsuit and used Kathy’s wig and stood beside John during a small gig at our church.  I studied Laura enough to know that what she did most at that time was smile and look at her husband with respect and admiration.  I could do that.  I did do that.  And I have to tell you, it was weird.  It was easily the strangest thing I have ever done.  At the end of that night I hung up my pantsuit and wig and decided I’d support John with attaboys.  Actually, my first pay check for any of my writing came from John.  The four of us were out together and I cracked a joke that he loved.  I told him he could use it, of course, but he insisted on buying it from me.  Hooray!  I’m a real writer.  Somebody call David Letterman.

John’s career was growing.  As I mentioned in my last post, my husband frequently went with John to be secret service.  All you need is a dark suit, sunglasses and a pigtail in your ear and you’re ready to take a bullet for him.  Our friend Tom Walter (The Romantic Vineyard) also frequently put his life on the line for John.  John and Kathy were so grateful that they decided to treat the Walters and us to a night out with the President.  Bob and Tom would provide his security and Kathy, Debi and I could be groupies.  John pulled out all the stops.  He rented a limo, slapped his magnetic almost-presidential seal on the side and picked us up at our homes for a night out.  We went to Downtown Disney where we met several of John’s family for dinner.  John had notified Disney’s real security of his plans just to avoid any confusion.

Bob, me, GW, Debi and Tom

We pulled to the curb and created quite a stir.  Bob and Tom were quite effective in their roles and John had a lot of people convinced they had seen the President.  People were poking each other, pointing and whispering, and taking pictures.  A young soldier walked by and was so convinced, he came up to John and offered his hand and said, “It’s a privilege to serve under you, Mr. President.”

We made our way past the stares and gasps to the restaurant and sat down to eat our dinner.  John was interrupted over and over for photo ops.  He loved it.  After dinner John headed to the central part of Downtown Disney with Bob and Tom flanking him looking out for any sign of danger.  There was dancing in the square with video feeds in the jumbo-trons above us.  As we entered John did not go unnoticed.  They flooded him with light and he took Kathy’s hand and they danced.  The DJ was speculating as to if this was the President or not.  After the dance, we headed down the walkway when suddenly we were approached by security, real security.  They ushered us into a side door where we were told that for our safety as well as the safety of others, we could not stay in character.  John was just too convincing.  The guys were told to lose the sunglasses and pigtails and walk with the wives.  It was quite a testimony to John’s ability to command the crowd – what else would you expect from the Commander in Chief?

I hope I have whet your appetite to hear more about John and his life as a Bush.  Try to win his book – leave a comment, even just a simple “I want to win.”  For more info about John, check out his FB page (John C. Morgan) and his website

Here are the contest rules:

  1. The contest began with Tuesday’s post and ends with this one.
  2. Comment on either or both posts and receive 1 entry per comment  (max of 2 entries).
  3. Share on FB and receive 1 entry (max of 2). You must mention doing  this in your comment.
  4. Retweet and receive 1 entry (max of 2). You must mention doing this in your comment.
  5. Contest ends at midnight on Sunday, November 13. No accumulation of  points after that time.
  6. Anyone related to me is not eligible to win, but you are  encouraged to share on FB or twitter. The winner will be determined by a random
    drawing and announced in my blog on Tuesday, November 15.


  1. Another wonderful blog Bonnie. That sounded so exciting, and as ever I love the way you write. Thank you for the smile you bring xx

    • Thank you, Gina. And you are entered to win the book.

  2. I just spent ????minutes on John’s web site. WOW he’s even funny.
    Everybody should check it out !!!

    • He really is entertaining. Thanks for checking him out. You now have another entry to win his book.

  3. So, do we call you your highness now?

    • We don’t have to be that formal, but bowing would be a nice touch. Ha ha! You now have 3 entries in the book give-away contest. Thanks, Roy.

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