Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | November 15, 2011

A Segway Segue

I love Segways and I’m not particularly fond of funerals.  A Segway ride is a treat – something you don’t have to do.  A funeral cannot be avoided.  The question is – who thought of joining the two of these things together?

We were at Sanibel last weekend with Bob’s family and the weather was picture perfect – so perfect we could not stay indoors.  We thought it would be fun to go for a Segway tour with my sisters-in-law so I pulled up google to see what I could find.  I never in my wildest dream expected to find the following segment from – “Consider a Segway for your upcoming Funeral in Captiva, Florida . A Funeral in Captiva, Florida would not be complete without a Segway. You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a Segway in Captiva, Florida for a Funeral. This is a great way to spend your Funeral. You will have all the benefits of riding in a Segway without any of the hassle associated with it.”

For a minute I was speechless then I read it over again and had to ask the question – Who gets all the benefits of riding in a Segway for a funeral without all the hassle associated with it?  Is it the deceased, the mourners, or both… or maybe it’s the Segway rental company?  It was a very confusing ad.  I also wondered how difficult it would be for pallbearers and what would one wear for such an occasion.  I’ve ridden a Segway before so you can take it from me, a relatively uncoordinated person, there is no hassle associated with it, except you have to stand up and hold on.  I cruised around the website but could find no more information and sadly I ran out of time or I would have loved to have gone down to meet this group of people.  Talk about a full service outfit.  Apparently you can do it all on Florida’s Gulf Coast.  You can find shells, you can fish, you can have a funeral with a Segway procession.

(Here’s the Segway segue) Like I said, we wanted to be outdoors.  We did not opt for a Segway ride, funeral or otherwise.  We had already gone shelling a couple of times so that left fishing.  Sunday my father-in-law booked a fishing boat expedition and the five of us went out to catch dinner.  We ate out that night as nobody caught anything above the legal limit.  Bob and I were sore from all that fishing.  I had no idea it was so physical.  I had never reeled in a fish before.  It’s a lot of work, especially for a fish of so little weight.  They are little, but boy they don’t want to give up without a fight.  By the end of the day the fish had a wonderful shrimp dinner so we thought we would too (we prefer ours fried with cocktail sauce).  Here is the catch of the day – the only fish my husband caught.  It’s not the size as much as the fight the fish put up (none).

The Catch of the Day

The day wasn’t really about the fishing.  It was about being together and enjoying God’s magnificent creation on a beautiful day.  This was my father-in-law’s idea.  He is 88 and legally blind so for him it was not about the sight-seeing.  It was about being with his three children and holding a fishing pole.  He was happy being out on the boat and didn’t care about catching fish (though he did catch more than any of us).  I enjoyed hearing the stories about him and his kids fishing on the Chesapeake Bay or taking their boat out on the Potomac River.  I love the fact that he embraces life, even with his limitations.  That is a good example for us all.

There goes the catch of the day - another story of the one that got away

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Moggie Mackubin has won My Life as a Bush… Thanks to all who entered to win.



  1. WOW did I really win?
    Thanks Mr President !!

    • Yes, you are the winner! Thanks for you comments. I’ll be getting your book to you very soon.

  2. Love Captiva! Tammie (my Carolina HeartStrings partner) and I both lived in Naples for many years. Love your little fishies too!

    • Thank you for you comment. It was hard to go down there for just a weekend. I could have stayed for another week easy.

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