Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | November 18, 2011


Last week my dear friend Debi Walter of featured people in her life for whom she is indeed thankful (I.T.).  She did it with the kind of format that is so Debi (fun and encouraging).  I was honored to be among those she mentioned.  This is my response because she tagged me (I told you she was fun) and now I’m IT.

When I was a kid I wasn’t very good at the game of tag so I was IT a lot.  The more you are IT the harder it is because you get tired.  Debi tagged me when I was tired but instead of that exacerbating my condition, it encouraged me.  Thanks, Debi.  You have been and continue to be an extremely precious friend and encourager to me in my life (blogging and otherwise).  It’s funny because Debi is my blogging IT person, so we have a double meaning going on here, except for the fact that I am not ready to be that kind of IT person.

And speaking of IT people, I am thankful to be married to mine.  He is available to me for all kinds of questions.  Though he continues to marvel at the stuff I repeatedly struggle to do (as do I), he also encourages me in the progress that I have made.  You can cross a room with baby steps, it just takes longer than I’d like.  He also is such a good sport.  He knows the dangers involved in being married to a humor blogger, but he keeps putting himself out there.  I never post anything about him without his review because he’s my husband and I only want to honor him, but he is honored that I make fun of him.  It helps him not to take himself too seriously, and I love how he laughs at himself.

I also am very indeed thankful for Rob Swanson, as was Debi, who encourages me in my writing.  Last month I featured his book “Do Angels Still Fall?” in a give-away on my blog and I had a huge response to those two posts ( .

Also on my Indeed Thankfulness list is my parents.  They have been available in every season of my life and now more than ever I appreciate all they have done for me.  They are wonderful examples of people living their lives for Jesus and their family.

And thank you, you who are reading this, for taking the time to do so.  I love to write and am blown out of the water when people take the time to read my blog.  I appreciate you.


  1. “blown out of the water” now there’s a word picture that makes me LOL! I can just see it. But seriously, thank you for thanking me for thanking you. I think that means you’re IT again! 🙂
    Can’t wait for Monday when we take those babysteps across town for our MeetUp with other WordPress know-it-alls. Hey – there’s a “IT” in there as well! Who knew?
    You know I love you dearly!

    • I think I’m going to have to sit out a round of tag. Maybe we will find a new game on Monday. Love you, too.

  2. Great article, & I love the picture of you & Bob. Can’t wait to see the real thing in person. Love ya!

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