Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | December 2, 2011

A Moving Story

This is Post Two of my Twelve Posts of Christmas.

Two weeks ago Bob and I headed to Maryland to gather some of his father’s belongings for his move to an Assisted Living Facility down here in Florida.  Bob and I have not moved in 28 years.  We are not good at moving.  We do not know what we are doing.  It did not seem that difficult, but here we sit, two weeks later and the movers are holding Dad’s stuff hostage…in New York.  Evidently the best route from Maryland to Florida goes through New York.  I know I am not good at map reading, but I do believe they went the wrong direction.

Here is the exchange we had on moving day as we finished the move:

Moving company:  We will deliver your goods between November 21 and December 3.

Us:  Wow, that’s a large window.  Considering today is November 20, do you really think it could arrive tomorrow?

Them:  No way it will be there tomorrow.

Us:  Why is that part of the window then?

Them:  Because the window opens the day after we see you.

Us:  Hum.  Okay, Thanksgiving is on Thursday.  You won’t be delivering on that day will you?

Them:  No.  You won’t see us until after Thursday.

Us:  Then why is that part of the window?  Do you understand the concept of a window of delivery?

Them:  You’ll most likely have your stuff by the end of the week.

Us:  That would be great, but we must have it no later than Dec 3.

Them:  No problem.

I was suspicious when the movers that came had a different name than the ones we hired, but they explained it and had boxes on the truck and paperwork.  It all sounded semi-legit.  They came in, packed the stuff and took it away (to New York).

We struggled with communication all through Thanksgiving weekend, but gave them the benefit of the doubt that it was a long weekend and hoped for news on Monday.  Monday was not a good day.  They had not even scheduled a truck to come to Florida and told my husband to call them back on Tuesday for the delivery date.  I asked Bob if he talked with the Head Bozo or just some peon clown.  Bob barely got my joke – not a good sign.

Tuesday when Bob called they had not set a date yet.  Bob held on the line for several minutes while (I imagine) they were sitting on his dad’s chairs and dressing in his clothes.  Finally they returned to the phone.

Them:  We will have your delivery on Dec 4 or 5 at the latest.

Us:  Remember the window?  We have a guarantee of Dec 3.

Them:  So?  What are you going to do?  Come find us in New York or along I-95?  (They didn’t really say that, but they might as well.)

So we call every day and try to be the squeaky wheel, but so far we seem to be getting fleeced instead of greased.

For the second post of Christmas

My True Love gave to me

Two moving vans

And a picture with a non-celebrity



  1. I hope your next numbers aren’t as disheartening – otherwise I may despise your list as much as I do the song. 🙂 Not really, I love your posts!!! You know that – and I can’t wait to go learn new things with you tomorrow at the Word Camp Orlando. Just promise me I won’t be #3.

    • No promises, Debi. Can’t wait for tomorrow (sort of). I know I’m going to be swimming in deep water.

  2. Bonnie, this is a fantastically written post – loved it (…sitting on dad’s chairs and dressing in his clothes…hah!) even though I’m fuming! Have you considered contacting the state attorney general’s office in New York? Just a thought – best of luck.

    • Thank you, Tor. We moved him in today and I’m pretty exhausted. Just talked to Bob and the movers continue to back peddle. I’m passing your suggestion on to him. I appreciate it.

  3. At times you (me, and everyone) gets in a situation when you feel helpless. A good friend shared an expression with me – “I am not going to die on that hill” referring to picking which battles you want to win and lose.

    Not having your belongings sounds like a battle you want to choose!

    Good Luck!

    • Thank you, Paul, and it’s nice getting to know you, too. Yes, we do feel helpless, that is definitely when we need the Peace of God most. We will fight this battle the best we can and try to keep our sanity.

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