Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | January 9, 2012

The Big Game

Tim Tebow after The Big Game - photo credit:

Tonight, evidently, is The Big Game.  I thought The Big Game was yesterday, but that was a different The Big Game.  It’s a little challenging keeping track of Bowl Games and NFL Playoff games, not to mention the NBA.

With this in mind, I have to say that my husband has been blessed by marrying into my family – big time.  Over the weekend two of my cousins arrived down here in sunny Florida, so my parents and Bob and I orchestrated a dinner at my house for them on Sunday night.  These cousins are from different sides of the family, but with my parents growing up across the street from each other, nobody really cares which side anybody belongs to – we literally are one big happy family.

So there we were finishing a lovely alfresco dinner on our porch, chatting away, catching up, and checking the score of the Denver/Pittsburgh game.  It wasn’t Bob who wanted to check either because unbeknownst to anyone else (though assumed by me) he had set up to record the game.  It was my cousin, Denise.  Suddenly she blurted out, “Can you check on the game for me?”

You could have heard a fork drop as all eyes turned to Bob who had left the porch like it was on fire to turn on the game.  My mother couldn’t have been prouder of my cousin.  She glowed with that “that’s my girl” look that conveyed her love and respect.  My other cousin, Mark, was also thrilled so we all piled into the living room to watch The Big Game.

By now you know how it ended, in fitting Tebow style – another overtime victory by Denver led by their amazing quarterback.

So after everyone left, I turned to Bob and said, “It looks like we actually have no plans for tomorrow night.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

I looked hopefully into his confused eyes and he said, “The Big Game is on.”

“Another The Big Game?  Didn’t we just watch one” I asked.

“Not that The Big Game, the college national championship The Big Game,” he replied.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know,” I said.  “Is your alma mater playing?”


“Is one of the teams involved a team you follow?”

“No, it’s just going to be a good game.”

“So you want to stay home to watch a game involving two teams, neither of which you follow or really care about?”

“That’s right,” Bob said.  “It’s The Big Game.”

“Yes it is,” I replied.  “Yes siree, Bob, it is.”


  1. Great post. Thanks for letting us in on your conversation. Sounds like when I was growing up. Fortunately I married a man that is not THAT into football but we did watch The Big Game between Pittsburgh/Denver as we are Bronco fans. How can you not be and live in Denver? I feel for you!

    • Thanks, Lisa. We live in Florida so we followed Tebow when he was a Gator, but how can anyone not like the guy? I’m not a huge football fan, but I am a fan of teasing my husband and thankfully he’s a great sport.

  2. I’m just trying not to picture your family eating “alfresco.” This is a modest neighborhood, yessiree Bob.

    • It does sound classy, doesn’t it? We like eating on the porch because you can sweep the crumbs out the door so easily, not to mention how great the weather has been.

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