Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | February 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  This may seem a little on the late side to you, but I have decided from here forward to greet the New Year on February 1.  I am having some trouble getting cooperation from the general public and, of course, the United States government, but I will not be swayed.  I discussed this with my husband and he stubbornly refuses to take the day off from work – something about he doesn’t want to look like an idiot…  But for me February 1 starts things anew.

Since I am breaking with tradition here, I will not stay up until midnight on the 31st of January as that would undermine my productivity.  See if you can follow my reasoning.  A base ten system is easy to follow.  I figure ten months of the year should be earmarked as productive months where I check those lists off and do some serious goal setting and achieving.  December and January simply do not fall into this plan.

Every December I am busy getting ready for the holidays – cleaning, shopping, decorating, baking, family and friend gatherings, church activities, etc.  Then in January I am expected to have a list ready of resolutions to conquer my world.  My big problem is that I have no time or energy to make that list.  I am too exhausted to zero in on fresh direction from God for my life and, and I cannot minimize this one, my house is a mess.  My January magazines that might help me with new exercise programs or healthy recipes are buried under used gift bags and wrapping paper and before I even notice that I haven’t read them, the February issues arrive.

On the positive side, I don’t break New Year’s resolutions (since I don’t make them).  This year though, this ten-month year, is going to be different.  I have had the month of January to regroup and refocus.  Our church is going through a series on Sunday mornings that is called “Resolve to Love.”  This has me thinking about a lot of things.  Yes, as a Christian my main goal is to show the love of Christ through loving others.  So I do and will resolve to love.  I also will resolve other things through the year, hopefully always keeping the main resolution of love in mind.  I remember back in December that God was impressing on me to concentrate on the things that I could do and not the things that I could not.  That served me well through the month – a month that saw my husband’s father move into an assisted living facility near us, a month that included an extended time of my husband’s sisters staying with us, a month where all three of my siblings and their children and grandchildren came to Florida to celebrate Christmas and have a reunion with each other, not to mention my parents and Bob’s and my four children, their spouses and our five grandchildren.  It was wonderfully busy.

January brought more visits from relatives and a trip to Maryland to meet up with Bob’s sisters and do more house clean-out for his dad.  We returned on Jan 28 in time for my surgical procedure on the 30th.  In between all of this I have found my focus again.  So now I am ready for the New Year.  Bring it on.  I am thankful for the revelation of how my life works and the importance of being with and serving my family.  I’m thankful for fresh starts, even if I have to invent a new holiday to get one.

Now it’s time for February and I just got the most amazing news.  I was scheduled for jury duty tomorrow (Feb 1).  This was really messing with my new New Year’s Day.  I guess Orange County decided to honor my new holiday because when I called at 5:01 this afternoon I was informed that Juror #494 was not needed.  Yes, I got the day off.  It looks like this year is starting off right.


  1. Happy New Year Bonnie!!
    Love Ya !!

    • Thanks, Moggie. Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. February 1st = HOLIDAY! — 10 month productivity.

    Oh Bonnie! I AM WITH YOU! (I’ll work on the legislature in NC) 😉 Let’s make this a grass-roots movement. I bet there’s women all over this country that can see/feel your point!

    However, I think I’ll have about as much progress with my hubby as you’re having with yours… oh well.

    Enjoy your day! Cheers to February 1st!

    • Thanks for the support, Lori. Cheers right back at ya!

  3. Happy New Year! Maybe we should start up the Progressive Dinners – only on January 31st instead. I really like this idea – it’s brilliant!

    • I had a feeling you would like this idea. Now to set up those dinners…

  4. GENIUS post! I love the idea of a base ten calendar. If Caesar Augustus can get a month named after him when he introduced the calendar – I think you deserve one as well. We can combine and rename December and January into Jandersonber! You deserve it!

    • Well thank you, Tor! Glad you’re on board.

  5. I can’t believe you have jury duty. Just what you need after everything else going on. I guess God has a plan, and a sense of humor in it. Hope all is well after your surgery. Love you.

    • Yep, I was “excited to serve.” But I’m very thankful that I didn not have to go in. I’m doing great since my surgery, too, thank you. Love you.

  6. Happy New Year to you!! Love your attitude and starting your year when you want to and what works for YOU. And, thankful you got the day “off.” What’s up with jury duty anyway? I got a summons a couple of days ago too!

    • Thanks, Martha! I am thankful for so many things. Also thankful for you and others I have met through the UBC. Hope you get out of your jury duty, too, though once I went and ended up waiting there with three other people from my church. It was an interesting day. You never know what a day will bring.

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