Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | February 8, 2012

My Dog Ate My Blog Post

Dear Blog Readers,

Our Last Dog

Please excuse me for not posting a blog on Tuesday.  I know you won’t believe my dog ate it, especially since I don’t own a dog.  How about I had computer problems?  Or would you believe I had an allergic reaction to some medication and had to spend the afternoon at the doctor.  Here’s the story.

I was looking forward to a day of writing on Monday.  I had to set a few doctor appointments for my father-in-law, but (I thought) how long can that take?  The answer was about an hour and a half between trying to coordinate two different doctors’ offices.

While on the phone I kept trying to log onto our internet and my computer would not let me.  I did everything in my power to right the situation (meaning I rebooted my computer) but nothing would work (I tried that twice).  All the while I had something nagging at me that I couldn’t put my finger on – it was an allergic reaction to Polysporin breaking out on the surgery site on my shoulder.  (I mean – who wants to put their finger on a mass of itchy, oozy blisters?  Not me.)  So my dermatologist and I decided to spend some time together.  An hour and a half later I was on my way to the pharmacy.

The first drug store did not have the prescription I needed on hand, so I headed to Costco’s pharmacy.  While I was waiting for my prescription, a lady walked past me, twirled around displaying a look of horror and shouted, “What on earth happened to your shoulder?”  At that point I thought maybe I should have let the doctor bandage me up, but oh well.  I talked to my new friend for twenty minutes while I waited.

I got home just in time to prepare a wonderful meal for my family (that’s a lie – I made tacos and I forgot the lettuce and tomatoes, and the shells were kind of stale; but I still get a point for preparing a meal).  After dinner I turned my IT guy loose on my computer and, of course, he had it working in short order.  By that time it was almost 9:00 and I didn’t feel very funny, so I called it a night.

Please accept this account as a valid excuse.  I can provide a doctor’s note if needed.


  1. Bonnie, Thanks for finding–and sharing–the humor in the potentially maddening side trips of your day! Get well soon!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Leslie. I’m doing better with the new ointments, just have to be sure not to rip the stitches.

  2. Bonnie, of course you can make me laugh even with your disturbing situations. I am very sorry to hear your shoulder is bothering you so much. God PLEASE heal Bonnie quickly!!!! Thank you for taking care of dad and his problems. You are a very funny angel 🙂

    • Thanks, Barb. I am doing well. The new goop for my shoulder is doing its job. There is some bruising that’s a little uncomfortable, but all in all I have no real complaints. I’m heading to Dad’s booksigning gig today. Should be fun.

  3. That is funny. I hope you heal up soon.
    No fun to not feel good.

    • Thanks, Sharon. I’m doing much, much better.

  4. Heh heh – thank you for sharing about your hectic day – it brought a smile to my face – I had visions of a little white fluffy dog attacking your computer

    • I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a completely innocent dog, even a little white fluffy one! Thanks for commenting.

  5. The good thing about a blog as opposed to a magazine article is that you can miss a deadline and not get fired. Hope things are getting better!

    • Thanks, Deb. They are. I like being my own boss, but sometimes I’m too easy on myself.

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