Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | February 21, 2012

Lunatics on My Doorstep

I’ve been feeling a little down today – maybe it’s the drop-off that I get after the family goes home and the house is quiet, but more than likely it’s my stupid hormones.  I don’t like hormonal swings.  I want to get off the swings and walk on the balance beam, but with my coordination, I’d probably fall off anyway.  Just when I realized that I was sliding into an abyss of  playground metaphors and I needed to snap out of it, I heard a noise at my front door.  I was delighted to open the door and find Lunatics there on my front step.  I’m looking forward to sitting down with them and a cup of coffee.  Lunatics is the new book by Dave Barry.  I know it’s risky to hang out with lunatics – you never know what they’re going to say*, but I love an opportunity to sit down with Dave.

*Since I wrote this post, I have started reading Lunatics.  While the story is funny and compelling, one of the main characters has severe potty mouth.  I guess that’s not surprising considering he’s a lunatic.


  1. Well…just try to slick….I mean stick with it!! (Unless of course you just can’t get used to that bad taste in your mouth!!)

    • Is there a subliminal message here about Slick? Since I’m not reading the book outloud and can read over a lot of it, I am sticking with it. It is one of the wackiest stories I’ve ever read. I love Dave Barry’s “voice.”

  2. I love reading Dave Barry’s column- occasionally. But, I find his humor a bit capable of yielding to overload. But, I’m all for laughter in one’s life- and, if he so provides it, get thee to the reading chair!!!!!

    • Hi Roy, I just checked my spam and for some odd reason the last three comments you made were there. I’m so glad I found them. Thank you for your comments and encourgement. By the way, Dave Barry’s book was terrible. The first third was engaging though slightly ridiculous, and then it took a huge nose dive. I would say it’s one of the worst books I’ve ever read – a real disappointment as I’m a Dave Barry fan.

  3. Wow – and I thought this post would be about your neighborhood… (lol)

    Happy Reading, Bonnie!

    • Ha, ha, Lori. Our neighborhood is the type that you never know when someone will stop by – all the good kind of crazy, wonderful people.

  4. You know, that actually gave me a great idea for a new Random Act of Kindness. I have lots of great personal development books I’m done reading. I might start leaving them on the doorsteps of random strangers. You never know when it will hit home.

    • That’s a great idea, Nicole. Mine came from the library. Our local county library delivers books to your door at no charge. It’s a wonderful service. But, back to your idea, I am going through my personal library of books and I think giving some away like you describe is something I’ll consider. Thanks!

  5. Hi Bonnie, I just caught up on your blogs. Lots on your plate. I know how you feel. Am backing off on coming back to Maryland. I need to be at home in March to get our house ready to sell starting in April. Perhaps I’ll go out in April if no one rents Dad’s house. A whiney napper in the other room. Loved your entries. I agree Dec & Jan are wasted months…. but what happened to Feb? Love, Beta

    • I thought you were in Hawaii already. I wish I was in Hawaii……….. Oh well. Yes, February hasn’t been much better. Oh well again. We’ll have to figure out Dad’s house situation. It is complicated, but you need to take care of yours FIRST. Aaron can hold the fort down for a while – I know he wouldn’t mind. We’ll talk soon I’m sure. We’re picking up Dad for the February birthdays tonight. Love you.

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