Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | March 22, 2012

The Force is With Me

Since I squealed on my father-in-law regarding items he saved over the decades, I thought it only fair to let you know some of the things I have saved.  But first let me tell you about how the cleaning out of his family home has affected Bob.  He’s now on a mission to clean up our place.  It’s like there’s a new sheriff in town.  You could say he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Bob decided that we would go through ALL of our stuff and have a garage sale and use Craig’s List and Ebay for things deemed worthy of that, not to mention giving a lot of junk the old heave-ho.  Bob is fast and furious.  I am slow and meticulous.  Thankfully we both appreciate each other’s method (right, Bob?).

When I started cleaning out the kids’ closet things really slowed down.  I have saved many items from my children’s childhood.  Many items.  Many, many items.  I have Barbies and Transformers.  There are books and stuffed animals.  I have an entire shoe box of hot wheels and matchbox cars, not to mention the bin of assorted Happy Meal Toys dating back to the 1980s.  My pride and joy though is the collection of Star Wars Action figures that my son was willing to part with but I was not.  I remember when Episode 3 was coming out.  We still had two sons living at home at the time and they had invited friends over to watch Episodes 1 and 2 before going to the movie.  If memory serves me the guys would return to watch Episodes 4-6 thus making it the perfect Star Wars watching event.  I decided to pull out all the stops to decorate for the festivities.  I got out the action figures, vehicles, and micro-machines and arranged them all over the living room.  Our mantel was decorated with them as were the end tables and shelves.  It wasn’t quite like Martha Stewart would do, but it was out of this world awesome (if I do say so myself).

I left the display out for a week or so because, let me tell you, you don’t go to all that trouble and quickly clear the shelves without an appropriate time to take in all the details.

The one detail that I did not consider was our small group from our church.  We met weekly at our house and, as God would have it, that week we were talking about idolatry.  Timing truly is everything and our group had a great time with the fact that I had practically made my house a shrine to Star Wars.

These memories came flooding back to me as I was playing with, I mean, sorting the Star Wars stuff.  Progress slowed down to a snail’s pace as I meticulously went through the large plastic bin.

“Wookie here,” I shouted.

“I have found many things that I can’t C3PO to part with.”

“Things that brought happiness to my children during the storm troopers of life.”

“Things that brightened their day when the dark side of life seemed consuming.”

Wise was I to keep these things.  Fun to play with they are.   Yoda’d kept them too if you were me.

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog.  Thank you, friends, for taking the time to read my posts, and for your kindness and encouragement.  I really appreciate you.


  1. Thanks for cleaning out your books Bonnie !
    If you have any momentum left over to share I have an ART? room that could use some help!

    • Enjoy the books. My mom has claimed me for helping with her kitchen cabinets and drawers, but even she is having to wait until June. Baby coming in April. Family coming twice in May.

  2. Oh did you run across the MacDonalds toys from Italy?
    I almost bought you a bald headed Barbie for your collection. 😀

    • You are so thoughtful! I don’t think Baldy Barbie would last around here though. The Italy McDonald’s toys bit the dust the last garage sale. My grandkids are only interested in things they recognize and the Italy toys didn’t fill the bill. I do often tell people of my unique gift from Italy though. It was the perfect memento at that time.

  3. Hahaha! Happy first blogiversary! And to think…I knew you then, and love you still, I do.

    • Aw, thanks Debi. I am amazed to have made it a year. God is so good. I can’t wait to see what year #2 brings.

  4. A VERY happy first anniversary on your blog! Wishing you the best as you continue to share your journey with us!

    • Thank you so much! I see you follow my friend Debi at The Romantic Vineyard. She is just as amazing in person as she is in her blog.

  5. So did you really get rid of all the Star Wars stuff??

    • No I did not. I organized it better though. Joe has his and everything I have is Scott’s. I know he’ll thank me some day…. The action figures of today do not hold up like the old ones do. Manning has broken arms off of his with great ease. I guess I should have saved more stuff!

  6. Isn’t it funny how we marry different ‘personalities’? I am a saver, I call myself a sentimental messy. My husband is a thrower.
    We have had many conflicts over this issue especially when something was thrown and not talked about.
    In our senior years now it will take me a year or two to go through boxes and assorted ‘keepsake’ things.
    It has to be done so our ‘grown’ children don’t have to do it.
    I understand your conflict. It is a very real issue. The funny thing our daughter is a thrower and our son and his wife are ‘sentimental savers’.
    Um… they might have to get a third party involved.

    • Thanks for the comment, Sharon. Yes, many personalities and many things to decide about – keep or throw. I love your sentimental messy label. It sums things up so well. My grandkids play with most of these old toys and enjoy it. So I don’t feel too bad about saving some. But, like you, Bob is not wanting to hand down so much for our grown kids to go through some day. We’ve been working on his dad’s house for over a year and we’re not finished yet. He doesn’t want to do that to our kids, but I know some things are fun to go through so we balance each other out (hopefully).

  7. This brings up a most interesting concept. It’s why many of my friends children could not have dolls to play with- oh, Raggedy Ann, maybe, My precious pony- but nothing that could be associated with power or humans- because of the idolatry angle.

    • Interesting comment, Roy. I did save the ponies also, by the way. The problem with the toys is complex. There’s the role model one – that’s a big one with Barbie and is why I didn’t let her in the house for a long time until one day she broke in during a birthday party.

  8. Happy Blog-anniversary, Bonnie!

    I’ve so enjoyed your writing and sharing this year. Looking forward to many more smile, chuckle and smirks in the coming year!

    • Thank you, Lori. You’re so sweet. Blogging has the great benefit of meeting people you never would have otherwise.

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