Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | March 27, 2012

One Moment in Time

I have never seen any children eat as much as my daughter’s children.  I have accused her of not feeding them before they come over just to help with her food budget, but I’ve observed them at their house, too, so I know that is not valid.  These children can down some food.

That brings me to February 26.  The kids were over while Dena (my daughter/their mom) was at a doctor’s appointment.  They had already eaten first breakfast at their house and were, of course, starving when they arrived here.  I gave them a light second breakfast – poptarts, fruit and yogurt.  That held them for the next hour and a half until lunch.

Lunch couldn’t come soon enough for these starving children.  They downed their sandwiches, grapes, more yogurt, crackers and fruit snacks for dessert.  And that’s when it happened.  Six-year-old Ella said, “I’m full.”

The air was immediately sucked out of the room.  Spoons dropped and all eyes focused on her.  “What did you say?” I asked in disbelief.

“I’m full,” she replied.  As the words came from her mouth I could see even the sound of them was strange to her ears.  She looked confused and content all at the same time.

“We must mark this date!” I exclaimed.  I walked to the white board and wrote the words down along with the date.  “Never again will we doubt that Ella can truly be full.”

It was a wonderful moment that lasted about two hours at which time I heard, “Grandmom, can I have a snack?”  Alas, moments are fleeting.



  1. Thank you for another “Ella” story! Love it!

    Have you ever seen the Lord of the Rings movies? 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, Elevensies, etc… Maybe your grandkids have a bit of hobbit in their ancestry? 🙂

    • That was my reference, Lori. I’m so glad you picked up on it. My sons used to refer to that all the time when they were teenagers. Thanks!

  2. I used to get accused of never feeding Alexander whenever I went to friends houses. Its a standing joke to this day. I have no Idea where young children can pack it away to. xx

    • So good to hear from you, Gina! Yes, I guess it’s the standard with kids.

  3. She shared this story with us when we were watching them. Ella says, “Mia, tell aunt Aubyron that really funny thing that happened at grandmom’s house.” Mia looked confused because that could be anything so Ella told me. I was in disbelief myself especially since this was the third day of feeding them. 🙂

    • It was quite a day, that’s for sure! And you’re right, I get more funny stuff from Ella than the rest of them combined. She has a quick wit.

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