Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 6, 2012

Sunrise Over the Atlantic

If the sunrise in the east is blocked by a building, does it still rise?

Today Bob and I leave Pompano Beach on the Atlantic Ocean and head through Alligator Alley to the Gulf of Mexico.  We decided to take a tip we picked up from our friends and bloggers, Tom and Debi, of and have a sunrise/sunset day.  We are not morning people, so we decided to view the sunrise from our balcony.  It was a moving experience.

Sunrise was scheduled for 6:34, so we set our alarm for 6:20.  We didn’t need the previews, we’ve seen the sunrise before.  We moved slowly out of bed to the balcony.  It was bright out, so bright I wondered if we missed the big event.  We had not.  Once we deduced that the sun would indeed rise directly behind the tall buildings that blocked a small portion of our eastern view, we were moved into action.  We went back to bed.  I’ll let you know how the sunset goes tomorrow.  We’re more night people, so we won’t let a building stand in our way of enjoying the evening sky.



  1. LOVE this Bonnie! We’re headed to the beach next week – now you’ve given me an idea for what to post…

    Wishing you a LOVELY holiday – from early morning to late, late, late!

    • Hope you have a great time at the beach next week. I’ll look forward to your posts, as always.

  2. LOL….I was not expecting the out come of your sunrise experience! You never cease to make me laugh! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation.

    • So good to hear from you. We are having a wonderful vacation. We’ll head home tomorrow. I enjoyed seeing Amy at Liz’s shower last week. Miss you.

  3. Beautiful picture… have a great time on your trip.

    • Thanks, Sharon. We’re having a great time.

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