Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 9, 2012

Trick or Treat Beach Style

While enjoying a dip in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, Bob and I pushed our toes deep into the sand trying to uncover treasures below the water.  The Gulf is so suited for this with its calm, clear waters.  It didn’t take long before Bob uncovered several live tulip shells.  One in particular was very aggressive and extended its foot far out of its shell repeatedly trying to flick Bob’s hand.  It was pretty funny to see it so determined to have Bob let it loose. He also found a very large starfish and it was a perfect specimen.

So here is the scene – Bob and I shuffling through the Gulf waters.  Bob says, “Look I found a tulip shell, and a perfect starfish and a shell with a hermit crab in it.  What did you find?”

My reply, “I found a rock.  Now I know how Charlie Brown feels.”

No kidding.  Bob kept finding amazing things and all I found was rocks.  I’m so glad I married him.

The large shell is a tulip

Here’s a little shell lesson:  In case you don’t live in part of the country where shells are prolific, you may not realize that the shells you find on the beach are generally dead (unless recently deposited there).  Live ones are in the water with critters (snails) in them.  The foot is the part of the snail that extends from within the shell and is covered by a harder substance called the door that it can pull back into the shell to close it off from predators.  Tulips are interesting in that they are meat eaters, even cannibals.    The foot of the tulip shell contains its mouth and stomach.



  1. You’re one of a kind Bonnie – hilarious!

    • Thanks, Danny. I appreciate the encouragement.

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