Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 12, 2012

You Want Me to Read What?

I have been to doctors offices a lot lately.  Between my own visits and my father-in-law’s, which I drive him to, I went to nine doctor appointments during the month of June.  I think that’s a new record for me.  On the positive side, it seems magazines are more current than they used to be.  On the negative side, I don’t think the medical staff is taking the time to check the covers of what they put out for us to read.  For instance, Time Magazine had a catchy cover.

I found this on more than one waiting room table.  It just seemed wrong, and I don’t even want to think that it’s what my doctor wants me to read before seeing him.   Rather disconcerting, don’t you think?



  1. I would agree with your sentiments. Not an appropriate topic so the office staff must not be on top of things, as far as the reading material goes.

    • Thanks for you comment. It is funny how we all do things without thinking sometimes. I actually found it bazaar and weirdly amusing.

  2. weird book for sure … none of them at the doctors office are great all the ones I have ever seen are either older in content or way too revealing for my ‘likes’ (who cares about all the drama of who is getting divorced and who isn’t??) and if you really have to wonder… how clean are those magazines? like as in germs… people go there because they have something. Are they sharing it?

    • Oh Sharon, I hadn’t even thought of the germ angle. Yuck. I’ll be sticking with my i-phone from now on.

      • sorry. I think of germs only because when I worked in a pharmacy I got the mumps in 2008 then after the shingles in 2011 they came back again. Someone came into the pharmacy with a live case of mumps and I was never protected from them. At age 55 it was really hard on my old body. Now I think of germs everywhere I go. (and I do wash my hands often)

      • I’m a bit like that, too. Visiting my fil in the alf brings it out in me, too. My hands are dry from washing, washing, washing.

  3. There are good ways and bad ways. He’s being considerate and sharing the good ones…

    • Yeah, I just thought it was a weird cover to have in the doctor office. It didn’t make me want to pick it up and read.

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