Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 14, 2012

What He Said. What I Heard. What a Mess.

On Father’s Day we had a house full of people so it was no surprise when we found a puddle on the family room floor.  The real surprise was when we mopped it up, it came back.  Sadly, it was from my dishwasher.  The tub had gotten a small hole in the bottom and aimed its water load in that direction.  My wonderful husband took me to Lowe’s the next night and we bought a new one (dishwasher, not floor) and he installed it right away.

The only problem was I hated my new dishwasher.  It was a fancy schmancy German made beauty that proved once again it’s what’s inside that counts.  Inside were two levels of trays that did not fit my dishes, even with several attempts at reconfiguring them.  And, and this is a biggie, it did not dry my dishes.  It was hugely energy efficient, but the energy I am most interested in conserving is my own.  So after a couple of weeks of grumbling and drying dishes, last night Bob uninstalled and returned it.

He told me, “Don’t use the disposal side of the sink.”

I heard, “Don’t use the disposal…”

Thankfully Bob was sitting at the kitchen table this morning while I was washing the dishes.  I’ve never seen him stop me from working with such lightning speed, but it was too late.  A small lake had already formed under my sink.

To his credit he never complained.  We worked together to empty the cabinet, towel dried everything and put a fan on it.  Good as new.  And, he’s installing my new, new dishwasher as I type.  I made up my mind already that I will love this one.


  1. We got rid of our garbage disposal it leaked all the time and the bottom of the sink floor was wet most of the time. I hated having spoons crunched in it and or other small items. Even with a ‘special’ hole cover it didn’t work (someone in our house would remove it) SO I had it taken out and I agree I don’t like my dishwasher. It doesn’t wash and doesn’t dry I think the only thing it does is perhaps disinfect them. I prewash them first.

    • I just loaded the dinner dishes in my new GE dishwasher and if it washes as well as it holds my dishes, we have a winner.

  2. Sometimes, hearing and listening can result in some really comedic situations when we hear only what we want to hear or a portion thereof. Fill us in on how the new dishwasher works. I’m curious. Hold on to that wonderful husband of yours.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jessica. Yes, Bob is a keeper (almost 37 years now). I just loaded my dinner dishes and so far I’m happy with it. Dishes fit nicely. We’ll see if it cleans well, but I’m hopeful.

  3. okay, you’ve now replaced ALL of your appliances, right? hmmm i think there was a campaign going on for a microwave….

    • The microwave is still holding on, as is the frig. I love my new dishwasher, though.

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