Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 17, 2012

Putting on Airs Boat

Our Guide – Looks Like the Right Guy to Follow into the Everglades

Bob and I did something that we’ve never done before in our 36 years living in Florida.  We took an airboat ride through the Everglades.  It’s kind of wrong to live someplace so long and not take part in the iconic adventures available.

So we’re cruising along enjoying the sights and counting alligators (five if you count the one the lying in the canal adjacent to where we parked the car).  The temperature down there (near Fort Lauderdale) was cooler than most of the country – about 90 degrees, but the surface temp of the water was 118, according to our guide.  He claims they refuse to advertise that or nobody would come down here.  He may be right.  When the boat is going, the air is moving.  When the boat is still so is the air.

Riding along with wind in our faces, we hardly noticed how hot it was as we looked at the birds and gators.  Then he’d stop and engage us in conversation until we were sitting in a pool of our own sweat, nearly passing out into a heat-induced coma.  It was during one of these talks that Bob and I were mercilessly mocked for being from Orlando.  It seems those from up north gave us who traveled within our state the cold, or I should say hot shoulder.  It was like we shouldn’t have been allowed on the boat since we probably trip over alligators every day on our way to the grocery store.  Hey, I may be from Florida, but I still like going on boat rides.  I like seeing alligators (from a safe distance).  It’s not like I see them every day, though I could if I wanted to, which means I’ve got one on you people from Ohio.

Everglades Trails

But I digress; one of my points here is that it’s easy to put off doing what is in your own backyard.  I lived right outside of D.C. until I was 20 and never went up the Washington Monument until I returned to the area on vacation.  So let me encourage you to look around and see what you’re missing.  It may be corny like going on an airboat ride, but corny can be a whole lot of fun.  Is there anything in your area you should put on your to-do list?



  1. You were not alone, Bonnie. Many of my co-grad students never took a moment to visit the sights in Boston. few of my students visited the sights in Charlottesville, and many of our (transient) neighbors have visited the (free) museums here in DC…

    • Yes, the museums being free in D.C. is a big deal. Our limited museums down here are not free, but if you look for the deals, they can be at times. There are a few more things that I’ve never seen that I’d like to explore down here, but I think I’ll wait until October or November when I like being outside again before I check them off of my list.

  2. I’m a big fan of being a tourist in your own area. Good for you! I don’t have much of a choice since we are a military family and move frequently. However, we live in the town where Levi Strauss was born and we have not yet been to his museum. Definitely something I want to do before we move.

    • Thanks for the comment. I would have never thought of a museum for Levi Strauss, but he did change the way we dress. You’ll have lots of opportunities to see things being a military family. That is exciting. Thanks to you and your husband for serving.

      • Sure thing! We take the good and the bad and we are thankful for all of the amazing opportunities we’ve been given.

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