Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 18, 2012

Challenging Times – Minute by Minute

My title makes it seem like my life is challenging, but it’s not too bad right this minute.  What I’m referring to is the Ultimate Blog Challenge taking place during this month.  The challengees are supposed to post 31 times – once for each day.  Let me tell you, they don’t call it a challenge for nothin’.  I thought the first week would be the most challenging because I was on vacation.  That was a piece of cake.

Since Friday I have had my two grandsons staying with us.  There’s the challenge.  The boys are great, but I’m no longer used to doing things while being distracted.  Here’s a sample of life for me this week.  Winston is four and is quite fixated on time right now.  He has lots of requests – when can I play my game – can I have a snack – when will the rain stop so I can go outside – will you help me build a train track – wipe my heiny.  My answer is often I’ll be right there or in a little bit, but he wants a count down.  How many minutes?  I try to start high to give me more time, but minutes fly with Winston.

I’d tell you more, but I’m being paged because it’s snack time, so I guess I’ll go now.  I’ll get back with you in about 1,440 minutes (or less if they take a nap).


  1. Hah, genius post as always Bonnie! Ironically, I’ve found that time actually slows down while trying to calm a crying baby at 2am when my wife is exhausted after cluster feeedings for our newborn.

    • Thanks, Tor. I’ve been thinking about you guys while enjoying your guest bloggers. I can only imagine how tired and happy you all are. Enjoy.

  2. How many minutes till Bumpa gets home?
    How many minutes till dinner?
    How many minutes till it’s time to clean up the train track?
    How many minutes till bed time?
    How many minutes till I get to send some quite time with you?

    Ya gotta love it.

    • Here are your answers starting at 5:10 PM today:
      1. Too many
      2. 60
      3. 120
      4. 150
      5. Approximately 3,060

      Please notice that I did math! Anything for you.

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