Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 22, 2012

OMG at the Transportation Place

I’m trying to be sensitive in many ways today as I write this entry.  I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, so I hope you can read through my code and ambiguous wording to figure out this story.

Good friends of ours were traveling with their two kids who are in their mid to late teens.  We will call our friends Jorge and Katerina, just to protect their identities.  They began their journey in a place where you pick up transportation of the flying type so that means they had to go through a special area to be greeted by a special agent from a group we will call OMG (the initials are being changed to protect everybody).

Jorge and Katerina are a party waiting to happen, so they thought the flying transportation place should not be excluded from their typical agenda.  They went through the greetings from the OMG people with no trouble, being seasoned travelers of this type, and they thought they spotted a greeter with a sense of humor, a rare thing with the OMG crowd.

They conveyed their idea to the OMG guy.  It involved their two sons.  They pointed discretely at them.  “See those two guys, one with a hat and the other with glasses?  How about you give them the full greeting treatment today?”

OMG said, “Sure.”

I know what you’re thinking – OMG has a sense of humor?  It’s a miracle!  Well, hold on because OMG may have a sense of humor, but OMG is not very good at following directions because in no time at all Jorge and Katerina witnessed him stating the following in a loud, clear voice.

“Ma’am, you look very suspicious to me.  Would you please step over here?”

I know, OMG, how could he!  Poor Jorge and Katerina about busted a gut laughing while the poor lady was being approached by OMG.  Thankfully, Jorge convinced the young OMG guy that the two young guys he was pointing to were not this unfortunate lady, who I’m sure next time will want to travel by land.



  1. what a story. I have no desire to fly anywhere especially knowing that extremes can happen before boarding,

    • Yes, Sharon. Boarding is the worst part – so much to go through! I still like to fly, though – something about the adventure of it all.

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