Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | July 23, 2012

A Grandmother’s Secrets

Two of my grandsons (ages 4 and 5) spent last week with us.  It was fun to put on my everyday Grandma hat, except their day starts a little earlier than mine typically does.  I’m no longer used to the early morning wake-up calls, but after seven days of them, I think I could do it again.  I won’t, but I think I could.

I took all three grandsons on an outing.  Lots of craziness from the cousins.

I did learn a few things after spending concentrated time with these sweet boys.  One important thing is that you should never hang a towel right next to the toilet.  Since both boys have been potty trained for some time, it isn’t necessary to follow them into the bathroom anymore.  I’m glad I did on one occasion though, because I got to witness Winston doing one of those disgusting little boy things.  As he finished peeing and pulled up his pants, before he washed his hands, he wiped them on the towel.  I guess you don’t want pee dripping off of your hands when you turn on the water faucet.  There’s a certain logic to this that unfortunately, having raised three sons of my own, I understand.  I corrected it and moved the towel, but I understand.

There are two things that I wouldn’t want to tell their parents.  I’ll share them here with you as long as you promise not to squeal on me.

The first day we had them was Saturday.  Bob and I took the boys with us to run errands in the afternoon.  It was the second stop before I realized that one of them was still in his pajamas.

Secondly, I misplaced the directions for the appointment I was taking one of them to.  I remembered the name of the doctor (thank you, Jesus) so I googled it.  No problem, except I was running rather close time-wise on that Monday morning so after I dropped the younger brother at my daughter’s house, I used my GPS to get the directions.  If you’re a regular reader you know there has got to be a problem with this.  My request was answered by “Directions could not be found between these locations.”  So I called and got directions, only there were too many turns for me to remember so I got lost.  I pulled over to look at the map and realized I had not entered the word “road,” but had typed “toad.”  My thoughts were you’d think the stupid GPS would have figured that out.  I mean I use this thing a lot and it’s linked to my phone and thereby more information about me than you can shake a stick at.  So it should have known that I would never get directions to anything remotely resembling a toad (or frog or snake either for that matter).  And if it couldn’t make that deduction, it should have asked itself, “How many people are looking on a map for a toad?  She must mean road.”  And this thing calls itself a smart phone!  Shame, shame!  The happy ending was I did arrive on time.

When they were picked up on Friday night, they had no injuries, one less tooth, and were healthy.  Yeah, sure they ate a lot of chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly this week, but all in all, success!


  1. Those 2 things really aren’t that bad. I’m thinking you just made them up so you didn’t have to tell your son the really bad things you did to spoil those kids!

    • I did feel a little bad about the PJs one. They look so much like regular clothes!

  2. What a funny little writing. I loved it. Grandma’s DO have the right to spoil any and all grandchildren without parents approval. That is our job.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, Sharon. It’s a wonderful thing!

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