Posted by: Bonnie Anderson | September 13, 2011

You Will Meet a Man Wielding Knives – Don’t Make Him Mad

When I discovered that today was a holiday (Fortune Cookie Day), I realized I had to stop the presses and interrupt my creative flow to pay tribute.  So – Happy Fortune Cookie Day!  How will you celebrate?

As usual I did a fair (meaning very small) amount of investigation into this big day.  First I stopped at Party City to find appropriate decorations.  There were none.  Then I checked with the Post Office to see if my mail service would be interrupted – probably not a good idea because now I may be on some “watch list” there.  Next stop was the Hallmark Store so I could send out my Fortune Cookie Day greeting cards.  As you may have guessed by now, I’ve had a pretty disappointing morning.

By lunch time I was hungry and a little bit desperate to find another FCD celebrator so I stopped in at my favorite Chinese Restaurant for a little information and Lo Mein.  This was fruitless as well and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Shockingly, the hostess didn’t even know about this major event.  I suggested she may want to do a little research herself and at the very least give everyone a free fortune cookie with each meal.  I don’t think she really understood me as she looked a little confused by my comment.
  2. More “googling” on my oh-so-smart phone revealed this disconcerting fact – there is a debate over who really introduced fortune cookies – was it the Japanese or Chinese?

With this information in hand I went to the closest Japanese Steak House but I was afraid to bring up the debate to a man who was wielding knives better than I can twirl spaghetti.  So I retreated to my home.

Here is what I really want you to take away from today’s lesson – a morsel of wisdom, if you will:  Fortune Cookies do not tell your fortune.  Maybe once upon a time way back in the early 1900’s when they first appeared in California they did, but not today.  Here is a sampling of my recent findings:

  • You find beauty in ordinary things (not a fortune)
  • You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music (also not a fortune)
  • A friend is a present you give yourself (thanks for the info)
  • You are talented in many ways (true, but again not a fortune)

So here are words I would suggest for fortune cookies:

  • Ignore the numbers on the back of this paper; you will not win the lottery
  • You will be hungry again in two hours
  • You will meet a man wielding knives, do not anger him

These are words that will guide me through my day.

Thanks to for bringing this and so many wonderful celebrations to my attention.  You are a wonderful resource for marriage and date planning.


  1. You know how glad i am now! I don’t each Chinese! So, I’ll never have to follow this path!

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